Workshop - Pilatus ( Summer Edition)

Workshop pilatus Sommermilchstarsse

Milky Way over the Pilatus

The Mount Pilatus offers everything a landscape photographer may wish. Fantastic panorama in all directions. And when the sun sets and the stars come out, you have fast times feel you are on a strange rocky planets. A surrealistic world in which each held a photo magic.

Prices & Services

Max. 4 Students

Workshop Milkyway Pilatus



The data always fall respectively on a weekend (Saturday & Saturday) and even if there is no full moon. You can view the exact dates below refer to the table.


The workshop takes place on top of the wonderful Pilate. The two summits “ass” and “head” are both accessible in the summer and reveal tremendous photographic prospects.


The two peaks but are accessed via steep stairs relatively well developed well. The other spots such as e.g.. the Drachenweg are easily accessible. The difficulty level is low.

What to bring

- Basic knowledge of Photography
- Good walking boots
- Warm clothes
- Camera Charger
- Camera batteries

- Memory cards
- Camera (APS-C or Full Frame)
- Stable Tripod
- High luminous wide-angle lens (for Milky Way)
- Other Lenses (Tele & Standard)
- Optional: Graduated filters (for landscape and Milky Way)


coffee & Biscuits I offer you on during the workshop. For more catered concerning food I recommend you take something, if you get through the night hunger. Since we are also handy to photograph through the night, sleeping is rather less in it. If you need a short nap, any time we have beach chairs in the foyer of the hotel free of charge. Also a real bed can be booked in Hotel, However, excluding the price of the workshop. Breakfast I offer you the following morning.

Workshop Goals

- Sunrise – & Sunset Photos
- Golden & Blue Hour
- Night Photography / Milky Way
- Creation of Milky Way Panorama
- Composition & Perspectives
- Timeblending in the Blue Hour
- Photo Technique Panorama & Stacking
- Camera settings (Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO, AWB)
- Tips and Tricks in the field of image processing
- NEW Tracked Star Photography

What awaits you:

We meet in Kriens (Luzern) When Pilate gondola station against 16:00 Am and drive together to the summit. we will reach the top for the first time enjoy the panorama and visit the first spots for sunset. We will position ourselves at one of the two summits to photograph the sunset. Here you learn the optimal camera settings for different lighting situations and you will create the best possible dynamic performance with graduated filters. Immediately afterwards, we will devote to the topic Blue hour to make the practice for the Timeblending. Here I present you courseware specifically on this topic available, we will look then at nightfall in the theoretical part closer.

We will also strengthen our forces at dawn and to care for our. Please take enough food and drink with (not included). I myself will for you tea, have coffee and cookies while. When the night falls, We will seek out the best spots for the Milky Way, while I will stand you actively support and bring my expertise extensively and intensively closer.
If fatigue or cold is rampant, there is the possibility in the foyer of the plant on a comfortable bench lie. The foyer is warm, 24 open hours and open to the public.

At dawn we will again visit the most beautiful spots and take the sunset and let warm up from the cold night. After that we will in the restaurant Pilate breakfast and us against 9 make the morning with the first gondola on the way down.

course dates

Fr. 04.05.2019 Free
Saddle. 05.05.2019 Free

Fr. 31.05.2019 Booked up
Saddle. 01.06.2019 Booked up

June / July
Fr. 28.06.2019 Booked up
Saddle. 29.06.2019 Booked up

Fr. 02.08.2019 2 courts
Saddle. 03.08.2019 1 space

What do you have of it:

You will have not only a unique experience on the wonderful Pilate. No, You will also partake of my knowledge and have intensive coaching on various topics. The best prospects, Tips on the screen layout, Panorama creation, work with graduated filters and a lot more, so you take home after the workshop tons of perfect images can.

NEW Included in Coaching:
As Ambassador of Vixen Polarie, I will give you the same time introduces the mobile astrophotography, To be more specific, you will learn a little handy and precise Traveling mount, to take in this direction foot. The Polarie is to make specially designed beautiful Wide Fields captures of the night sky and long exposed star shooting landscapes.


Not included

- Gondola ride (Round trip)
- Coaching for sunset

- Coaching for the Milky Way Photography
- Coaching for the sunrise
- On demand: Leihkamera, Objective and graduated filters
- Optional: Coaching imaging
- Coffee and cookies
- NEW Tracked Star Photography
- NEW Included. Tutorials (Timeblending & Stacking)

- Individual On – and return
- dinner, Breakfast and other meals
– personal expenses
– accident insurance