Personal Coaching - Summer Milchstrasse

Every year the summer Milky Way emerged in our latitudes in spring again. More specifically, the galactic center and the interesting part of. April heralds for me the true start, because the Milky then be seen early enough in the night and can be photographed long. Each month has its charm. In the spring, it is more the wonderful bow and then in the summer much longer the perpendicular band of our own galaxy.

Prices & Services

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Personal Coaching Milkyway


Personal Coaching Milkyway + 2 Std. image editing



The data always fall respectively on a weekend (Saturday & Saturday) and even if there is no full moon. You can view the exact dates below refer to the table. There is also the possibility to book on a weekday, with early release.


we choose the coaching together after your booking made with the following criteria: dark place, Beautiful landscape, Optimally, in the mountains, easily accessible by car. Excellent locations are e.g.. the Gurnigelpass, Melchsee-Frutt, Glaubenbielenpass u.v.m.


Depending on the location, We are also a little hike to reach exclusive and unique spots. Here, I'll make it as short as possible and completely harmless paths with you to go. The Anstrenungen are thus kept low.

What to bring

- Basic knowledge of Photography
- Good walking boots
- Warm clothes
- tent or sleeping bag
- Camera batteries

- Memory cards
- Camera (APS-C or Full Frame)
- Stable Tripod
- High luminous wide-angle lens (for Milky Way)
- Other Lenses (Tele & Standard)
- Optional: Graduated filters (for landscape and Milky Way)
- Optional: Laptop case image editing booked (PS & LR)


coffee & Biscuits I offer you to during the coaching. For more catered concerning food I recommend you take something, if you get through the night hunger. Since we are also handy to photograph through the night, sleeping is rather less in it. If you need a short nap, we are looking spread out a protected space around the tent or sleeping bag. Sometimes along the way very cozy camp & fireplaces, where can we make ourselves comfortable and take a little rest.

Workshop Goals

- Sunrise – & Sunset Photos
- Golden & Blue Hour
- Milky Way Photography
- Creation of Milky Way Panorama
- Composition & Perspectives
- Timeblending in the Blue Hour
- Photo Technique Panorama & Stacking
- Camera settings (Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO, AWB)
- Tips and Tricks in the field of image processing
- NEW Tracked Star Photography
- Optional: Image editing if booked (PS & LR(

What awaits you:
I will accompany you to the photo tour on a beautiful place, because we have chosen together. Beautiful scenes, that are as rewarding to photograph more. Be it at night or even in the perfect mood lighting at sunset – or aufgang. I will always stand you aside and give you lots of advice and intensive support. Here you will learn a lot about the screen layout, the different perspectives, how to photograph with the best light, create panoramas, Timeblending in the blue hours and more. On the night we photographed the rising Milky perfect in all its glory until sunrise, where we will again capture the dreamlike mood and welcome the new day.

In the meantime:
The Milky Way is especially in the spring until the 2. Half of the night emerge. Until then, we will set up the tents and make a small campfire, depending on the way to get something to eat and drink. I'll for you definitely hot coffee or tea ready to chat with biscuits. The nights are quite cool even in summer. Of course, we will do some test shots of Sterenhimmels, so you will learn the essential settings and operate the camera even in the dark can. So you're well prepared, If the Milky Way is here. If you even take the laptop with, I can give you a practical introduction to photo editing on the spot. As soon as the Milky Way appears, it continues with the practice of coaching.

Noja, Spain

NEW included in the staff workshop Milky Way:
As Ambassador of Vixen Polarie, I will give you the same time introduces the mobile astrophotography, To be more specific, you will learn a little handy and precise Traveling mount, to take in this direction foot. The Polarie is to make specially designed beautiful Wide Fields captures of the night sky and long exposed star shooting landscapes.

The coaching staff costs only 320.- and includes any photographic instruction from sunset to sunrise. but the image processing is at least as important and with this combo package results in an absolute special offer for only 390.- included 2 Hour photo editing. The image processing we will perform on a specified date easily accessible via TeamViewer. Well rested and invigorated. You can follow any further information for image processing here read.

Gurnigelpass, Switzerland
Emmental, Switzerland


Not included

- Coaching for sunset
- Coaching for the Milky Way Photography
- Coaching for the sunrise
- On demand: Leihkamera, Objective and graduated filters
- Optional: Coaching imaging
- Coffee and cookies
- NEW Tracked Star Photography
- NEW Included. Tutorials (Timeblending & Stacking)

- Individual On – and return
- dinner, Breakfast and other meals
– personal expenses
– accident insurance