Personal Coaching - Deep Sky (Winter Edition)

Cold and long nights

Unlike in the summer the nights in winter Eiskalt, take much longer and therefore they are also dark. Perfect operations ie for the Deep Sky Photography. The night sky is full of large and luminous fog, such as. the whole Orion constellation is absolutely dominates the winter sky. In this long night you have the possibility, take winter Objects will leave you at the latest by the sight of the camera screen to breath.

Prices & Services

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Personal Coaching Deep Sky


Personal Coaching Deep Sky + Image Processing



The data always fall one weekend (Saturday & Saturday) and even if there is no full moon. On weekdays, it is also possible by arrangement. therefore please contact me soon enough, a concrete plan to carry out with you.


we choose the location together after your booking made with the following criteria: dark place, Beautiful landscape, Optimally, in the mountains, easily accessible by car. Excellent locations are e.g.. the Gurnigelpass, Glaubenberg, Berninapass u.v.m.


Beim Deep Sky Coaching, fall naturally no way to run, because with heavy artillery, can not really move you. So there will be no physical effort. However, the nights are very cold in winter. Please pay attention to appropriate clothing.

What to bring

- Basic knowledge of Photography
- Hot & Good shoes
- Very Warm clothes
- gloves
- Memory cards
- Optional: Camera (APS-C or Full Frame)
- Optional: own tracking
- Optional: Strong light wide-angle lens
- Optional: Other lenses (Tele & Standard)
- Optional: Graduated filters (for landscape and stars)


coffee & Biscuits I offer you on during the workshop. For more catered concerning food I recommend you take something, If you get hungry at night. Since we are also handy to photograph through the night, sleep is rather less in it. If you need a short nap, I will have ready and beach chair and blanket for you incl. Binoculars to possibly. for stargazing. Tent and sleeping bag to take with course. If necessary I can also lend you my equipment.

Workshop Goals

- Explanation and training equipment
- Structure of the setups and the first test shots
- Declaration of the celestial coordinates and orientation in the sky
- photographing deep sky objects with focus
- finding new celestial objects and independent adjustment
- Tips and Tricks in the field of image processing
- NEW: Introduction of the Traveling mount
- Optional: Image processing for the Deep Sky Photography

What awaits you:
You will have a look into the past and venture into the depths of space, photograph gigantic structures. And I'll you transmit all my knowledge in this very interesting field of astrophotography.
For deep sky photography, it is essential to see a very dark place, no or as low as possible light pollution. Preferably in the higher areas on the one hand to escape the typical fog in winter and on the other to achieve the clear and turbulence-free air. Since we do not make any hikes, it will be easily accessible by car. We will deny us before, what place we choose, Also to shorten your path (I drive a maximum 50 km contrary).

I offer you for this night, my whole equipment and, accompany and support you from the first step to the last record and tell you to build and develop a logical understanding of the supreme discipline of photography each handle everything. I'll make you help also, if you own your own equipment.
After building, We will approach the individual objects, that are currently in the sky and all heavenly bodies each have at least 1 expose long hours. During the recordings, we can look at the starry sky and discuss all outstanding issues. You'll be amazed, how great the Orion appear on your camera screen and what a surreal impression e.g.. the Horsehead Nebula leaves. Are you curious? Write me and together, we plan your Astro Eight.


The following objects can be observed in the corresponding months in the sky and many more. Some of which extend over several months through, such as the Orion Nebula can be observed from November to February:

- heart & soul fog
- pleiadene
− Andromeda

- Orion Nebula
- Horsehead Nebula
- Rosette Nebel

− Messier 78
- Witch Head Nebula
- Flammensternnebel

- Kalifornianebel
− Bodesgalaxie
- Cigar Galaxy

- Konusnebel
− Messier 35
− Leo Triplett

What do you have of it:
After this coaching You'll know, how to flawlessly building a mount and all necessary settings takes the first photographic highlights to achieve. It does not matter what you mount. Except for a few minor technical or mechanical differences, the principle is always the same. You will also take in this coaching incredibly fascinating pictures home, you have not thought possible. Each time I stand beside you and accompany you with expert instruction.

Normally not to think of sleep, as we will tuck the whole concentration, especially in the setting phase to the first photographs of Mount. Even after that we will every now and then to perform a few focus settings and with the small travel mount the Vixen Polarie there to make some photos. but it may be that in the second half of the night a little fatigue falls upon us. If you need a short nap then you are free at any time to go into the car. Also, I can bring a deck chair while comfortably watching the stars with or without binoculars for you. Esteem you please make warm enough to have. A thick blanket helps a lot.

For catering You are personally responsible and if you packed night of hunger, it is advantageous if you have something to eat while. Also, because the cold quite strong tugs at the forces. Nevertheless, I will have with any of my workshops always warm tea or coffee included cookies for you here 🙂

NEW Photography in Coaching:
As Ambassador of Vixen Polarie, I will give you the same time introduces the mobile astrophotography, To be more specific, you will learn in addition to a small, handy and precise Traveling mount, to take in this direction foot. The Polarie is to make specially designed beautiful Wide Fields captures of the night sky and long exposed star shooting landscapes. I will always have a few pieces here which you can buy directly with me if interested at an unbeatable price of only 320.- CHf. At this price, you get the nowhere, Guaranteed!

NEW You get also a stylish USB wristband with all course materials on. the two tutorials contained therein, including software over the “Deep Sky Stacker” and “Fitswork”. Also included is an extremely useful tool for Photoshop Action Astro, an exercise file in PSD format and of course the deep sky astrophotography E-Book.

The coaching staff costs only 390.- CHF. The image processing is, however, just as important, and the combo package results in an absolute special offer for only 490.- CHF inklusive 2 Hour photo editing. The imaging will take us comfortably on a different day or night via TeamViewer from home attacked.

On demand
The Deep Sky Equipment I ask you anyway for the night available, including camera. Since we sync with the Deep Sky Coaching, take pictures with the little Traveling mount, will also require a camera with lenses. If you have no camera or just a beginner's camera, can I also like to borrow you my equipment for this area. Available an Olympus E-M1 are Mark II and a Canon 5D Mark III with a wide range of lenses. These various graduated filters and tripods. Let me know!

Messier 31 - Andromeda Galaxy
IC434 - Horsehead Nebula
Messier 42 - Orion Nebula
IC1805 - heart Nebula
heart Nebula
Messier 45 - pleiadene


Not included

- Coffee and cookies
- Coaching for the construction of the equipment
- Coaching for the deep sky pictures of objects
- NEW Tracked Star Photography with the Polarie
- NEW USB stick with the course materials
- Optional: Coaching imaging
- On demand: Leihkamera / lenses

- Individual On – and return
- dinner, Breakfast and other meals
– personal expenses
– accident insurance

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