Personal Coaching - Deep Sky (Summer Edition)

Workshop Deepsky summer

To make the impossible possible

Did you always make your own deep sky pictures and a look into the past? In the depths of space are gigantic structures that you do not see with the naked eye, but can take pictures. Even based on the raw data you'll be able to recognize the structures at the first picture and I can assure you you will be fascinated by the recordings.

Prices & Services

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Personal Coaching Deep Sky


Personal Coaching Deep Sky+ Milkyway



The data always fall respectively on a weekend (Saturday & Saturday) and even if there is no full moon. remove. Weekday is also possible. therefore please contact me soon enough, a concrete plan to carry out with you.


we choose the coaching together after your booking made with the following criteria: dark place, Beautiful landscape, Optimally, in the mountains, easily accessible by car. Excellent locations are e.g.. the Gurnigelpass, Melchsee-Frutt, Glaubenbielenpass u.v.m.


If you want to book only the Deep Sky Coaching, fall naturally no way to run, because with heavy artillery, can not really move you. In economic appearance of the Milky Way, then we will of course move a little, while the Deep Sky Equipment works to himself.

What to bring

- Basic knowledge of Photography
- Good walking boots
- Warm clothes
- sleeping bag or tent
- Memory cards
- Optional: Camera (APS-C or Full Frame)
- Optional: own tracking
- Optional: Strong light wide-angle lens
- Optional: Other lenses (Tele & Standard)
- Optional: Graduated filters (for landscape and Milky Way)


coffee & Biscuits I offer you on during the workshop. For more catered concerning food I recommend you take something, if you get through the night hunger. Since we are also handy to photograph through the night, sleeping is rather less in it. If you need a short nap, I will have ready and beach chair and blanket for you incl. Binoculars to possibly. for stargazing. Tent and sleeping bag to take with course. If necessary I can also lend you my equipment.

Workshop Goals

- Explanation and training equipment
- Structure of the setups and the first test shots
- Declaration of the celestial coordinates and orientation in the sky
- photographing deep sky objects with focus
- finding new celestial objects and independent adjustment
- Tips and Tricks in the field of image processing
- New Introduction of the Traveling mount
- Optional: Landscape photos with the Milky Way

What awaits you:
You'll learn everything astrophotography around the Deep Sky. I offer you for this night, my whole equipment and, accompany and support you from the first step to the last record and tell you to build any technical handle everything and to develop a logical understanding of the supreme discipline of photography. So you can easily record your own object in the sky body. We begin at sunset with the construction and photograph to dusk.

Fabio Crudele Photography Deep Sky

For deep sky photography, it is essential to see a very dark place, no or low light pollution as possible and Switzerland such places are easily accessible. Preferably, in higher areas to escape the one hand, the typical fogging in cold and humid regions, and on the other hand to achieve clearer and freer air turbulence. The places will be easily accessible by car, so that no migration is necessary and we can build everything locally. We will deny us before, what place we choose, also your path to shorten, if necessary.

What do you have of it:
After building, You'll learn the individual objects to find themselves and to target. You will learn to photograph the objects and all the heavenly bodies each have at least 1 expose long hours. That means for you at the end of the workshop you have mastered the technical knowledge around the deep sky astrophotography, can orient yourself in the sky at the stars and the best course you have to have the different objects on your memory card and personal feeling a part of the stars. The following examples can be observed in the corresponding months in the sky and many more. Some of which extend over several months through, such as the Andromeda nebula can be observed from July to November:

− Leo Triplett
- Herkuleshaufen
- Bodes Galaxy

- There Cirrus Nebel
- Pelikannebel
- North America Nebula

- Heart Nebula
- soul fog
- Eagle Nebula

− Trifidnebel
− Omeganebel
- Lagunennebel

− Andromedanebel
− Triangulumnebel
- Elefantenrüsselnebel

- Elefantenrüsselnebel
- Veil Nebula
- pleiadene

In the meantime:
During the recordings, we can look at the starry sky, Conversations and photograph a landscape. You'll be amazed, how great the Orion appear on your camera screen and what a surreal impression e.g.. the Horsehead Nebula leaves. Are you ready to make the impossible possible? Write me and together, we plan your Astro Eight.

Optional: In summer, the center of our home galaxy is highly visible and it lends itself naturally to almost, to photograph these, while the Deep Sky run record. This astrophotography workshop I offer you the opportunity to, to be instructed in the Milky Way Photography. For a small fee of unspeakably 100.- you have the option to book the combo package (Deep Sky & Milky Way).

NEW Included in Coaching:
As Ambassador of Vixen Polarie, I will give you the same time introduces the mobile astrophotography, To be more specific, you will learn a little handy and precise Traveling mount, to take in this direction foot. The Polarie is to make specially designed beautiful Wide Fields captures of the night sky and long exposed star shooting landscapes.


Not included

- Coffee and cookies
- Coaching for the construction of the equipment
- Coaching for the deep sky pictures of objects
- Coaching Landschaft Photography (sunset – and rising)
- Optional: Coaching for the Milky Way Photography
- On demand: Leihkamera, Objective and graduated filters
- NEW Tracked Star Photography

- Individual On – and return
- dinner, Breakfast and other meals
– personal expenses
– accident insurance