Image processing Deep Sky

Messier 31 - Andromeda Galaxy

Let's light up the universe

An image that has been photographed with a certain quality, of course, must also be edited. And in the deep sky photography, the image processing is irreplaceable to all collected photons also rauszukitzeln in the image and to bring to light.
After years of experience and a perfectly developed workflow, I want to help you, so you your Deep Sky best RESET images in perspective. We are working on several machining operations and explains each step of me in detail. I'll tell you some tools in the form of actions (Photoshop) and stand-alone software available stellen.Ich'll show you every step and accompany to let you shine brilliantly through the required image processing software to your photo. Step by step we will use a few tools to make Photoshop even more unique to your recording.

Prices & Services

Image processing Milky Way

90- / Std.


The workshop can, for a time agreed-, be performed at any time. Preferably on a cloudy and rainy evening or even during the full moon phase. We want better pictures in good weather 🙂

Where does it take place?

With TeamViewer we can connect our computers while remaining in contact by phone. So we can comfortably from home, just as well go all image processing steps.

What do you need?

- Good computer (min. 8 GB Ram)
- Adobe Photoshop CS or older version
- Adobe Lightroom CS or older version
− Google Nik Collection
− Fitsworks
− Deep Sky Stacker
− Astro Actions
− Teamviewer
- Whatsapp or Facebook Messenger for international calls
- writing pad & Pen to make you notes
- Headset with microphone, so that your hands are free for image processing

Workshop Goals

- Working with masks and layers
- Local Contra Stan Pass kid
- Selective color adjustments
− Dodge&Burn
- use of the Orton effect of generating a mood dreamy
− Stackingprozess mit dem Deep Sky Stacker
- image development in Fitswork
- RAW development in Photoshop
- Application of Actions
- Development of the Action Tools
- Use of the Orton effect
- and much more

What awaits you:

At first glance, the raw images look more dull and very faint to from. This is because that we photograph eerily distant objects virtually in the dark background “drown”. But the photons are definitely fallen on the camera chip and all information contained in the image in it. The art now is, to bring this information by image processing step by step and constructively to the fore. That's why I offer you this course. Did you do everything right in the night and also corresponding Dark- Bias- made and Flat Frames, this is in any case already half the battle. Then we will bring together the deep sky image in the image processing for radiation. I show you all processes from stacking, on the application of actions, Masking and layers to the final touches, and more. The result will blow you away, I promise to you.


Not included

− Coaching Lightroom
− Coaching Photoshop
− Coaching NIK Collection
− Coaching Fitsworks
− Coaching Deep Sky Stacker
− Coaching Astro Actions
- Exercise files

- Telephone calls
- Other etc incurred costs for software.