1001 Nights in Dubai

Dubai Fotoreise

Dubai Fotoreise

The journey takes us to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. A stunning country with myriad and unique Photo Spots, where there is nowhere else found in this abundance. So many contrasts between the futuristic metropolis of Dubai, on the original desert dunes to the lonely Jelal Jais mountains in the east of the country. Saadi and I look forward to this adventure and you will be there!

Prices & Services

Max. 4 Students

1001 Nights in Dubai Fotoreise


Single room supplement



In my experience, and our scouts April is the best time to travel to collect as many impressions. The weather is usually sunny and warm and for night photography in the desert, bathes the Milky Way in the second half of the night as best bow on. In addition, it has less tourists.


- Razeen desert
− Old Dubai Soak & Dubai Skyline
- Sheikh Zayed Mosque
− Index Tower & Raze / In Quo'a Wüste
- Tolerance Bridge
− Dubai Marina Downtown & Jabal Jais
− Madame in Sharja & Burj Al Arab Strand
- Al shows Oase & Dubai Marina Skyline


We will very much be on the road and also complete a few kilometers by car. Also we will in a few days / Nights sleep less than usual, so that we can as well as possible and in time to reach all planned locations. The heat is also in April to 30 degrees C and is extremely important to drink.

What to bring

- Basic knowledge of Photography
- Good walking boots
- jacket
- Hiking clothes
- casual wear
- Camera Charger
- Camera batteries

- Memory cards
- Camera (APS-C or Full Frame)
- Stable Tripod
- High luminous wide-angle lens)
- Other Lenses (Tele & Standard)
− Laptop & charge cable
- Socket Adapter
− Photoshop & Lightroom & NIK Collection
- Optional: Graduated filters (for landscape and Milky Way)


Breakfast is included in the hotel. For the period where we are on the road, is provided also completely sufficient water. We will also free on the first night in the desert Razeen a delicious and sumptuous barbeque evening. During the day 2, 5 & 8 I will offer you in a restaurant dinner traditoionelles. However, for the other food you are personally responsible. However, we will always have the possibility of many takeaways, Shopping Malls, gas stations, etc.. or to go. to achieve to provide themselves with food. The nights where we do not spend in hotel, Tents and inflatable mattresses are made available or on the first night even a camper for sleeping.

Workshop Goals

- Sunrise – & Sunset Photos
- Golden & Blue Hour
- Night Photography / Milky Way
- Creation of Milky Way Panorama
- Composition & Perspectives
- Timeblending in the Blue Hour
- Photo Technique Panorama & Stacking
- Camera settings (Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO, AWB)
− Cityscape & Architekturfotografie
- Street Photography & Details
- Pet Photography (Birds in Al Qudra)
- NEW Tracked Star Photography
- photograph Lost Places
− City of Dubai & Environment to meet
- Optimum light in the desert
- Working with Veraufsfiltern



Arriving at Dubai Airport, we are met by our Mitbegleiter Saadi and driven straight to the hotel. This evening is at leisure you, akklimatisiert Euch, relax with a walk and enjoy the beautiful weather certainly. Tomorrow it goes with our photo journey los.

Day 1: Razeen desert
Saturday / Saturday
05.04.2019 – 06-04.2019

Southwest of Dubai and south of Abu Dhabi about 2 Hours away from our hotel the vast and fascinating desert in the United Arab States begins. And this is where we can get the best lighting scenes for the sunset.

Dubai workshop
dubai desert workshop

The Razeen desert is perfect, as it is easily accessible and is far enough away from the light pollution. We will photograph the beautiful sand dunes and the stunning lighting effects during the sunset and are always helping hand. The Blue Hour is also excellent for foregrounds which can then be combined together with the later images of the Milky Way.

When the night falls, We are first a fundamental theory for astrophotography 2 perform hours. A large mobile home is available to us, with a large LED screen, to the theoretical part to assist with many sample images. Refreshing drinks and snacks are provided and a toilet is also available in the camper.
Before the theory lesson the food is prepared and served, where we comfortably at a barbeque sit together and enjoy together traditional Arabic food. There will be plenty of time, to relax and discuss the photos.

Until the Milky Way appears, We will also carry out some experiments with light painting and free our creativity lassen.Gegen midnight the Milky Way slowly rises over the horizon, and the immense arch extends over the entire desert and sand dunes. We are the stars 3 Hours before the onset of the astronomical dawn until 3 Am photographing können.Für the sunrise we will also integrate fantastic spots and catch the best light. The next morning we are before we travel together in the desert breakfast back to the hotel.

worskhop dubai milky way

Day 2: Old Dubai Souk & Dubai Skyline

After we were able to rest a little in the hotel, we will meet in the hotel lobby in the afternoon. From there we will be met by Saadi and drive together to Dubai Old Souk and the Use. Souk means the market and its abound. We will stroll through the old part of Dubai and hold a lot of positive impressions and not just photographically.

The Gold Souk is the most famous Souk Dubai and a must for gold traders and tourists looking for small keepsakes or special jewelry pieces. Hundreds of merchants offer unique pieces to negotiable prices, to filigree Arab Designs.Direkt next door is of flashy jewelry stones of the Spice Souk, offers us an authentic insight into the Arab trade. professional- and amateur chefs, well-established expats come here, to spices, Herbs, to buy rice and fruit. The long-established distributors are all very open and friendly and with your permission, We are also one or two trial in the Street Photography venture. The bazaar landscape provides us with a unique atmosphere and unforgettable insight into the Arabic culture. We will not be able to explore it all. Therefore, we will improviseren that day and often strolling photographed the best moments photographically. To move from one market to another, We will also take an abra across the Dubai Creek. The water taxis are not only an easy method of travel, but also a great and authentic experience. We will also Abra only rent to ourselves. It comes quickly a sense of Venice. On the other side of the Creek, We will visit the Textile Souk. We discover tiny shops, packed full to the brim with luxurious imported fabrics such as fine silk, airy cotton or shimmering sari fabric. After that Arab-Indian food will go and then drive off again in time to record the blue hour our first Dubai skyline.

Stadtfotograife dubai workshop

Day 3 – Sheikh Zayed Mosque

We are now a little sleep to us after lunch in the hotel lobby to meet. There we will be picked up again by Saadi and we will go to Abu Dhabi. First we visit the city and the harbor with the beautiful skyline of us then towards Sheikh Zayed Mosque to go.

Probably the most beautiful mosque in the world and generally one of the most impressive sacred buildings ever. The masses are impressive in every way. In its outer dimensions, 224 times 174 Meters offers space for the mosque 40.000 believer. Its four minarets measuring a height of each 107 Meter, the main dome over the prayer hall 75 Meter. With a diameter of 32,2 Meters, it is considered the largest mosque dome in the world. The compact central building were at the edge 40 smaller domes placed. The construction costs of the plant amounted to themselves 545 Million US dollars. Its surrounding parking lots are comparable to the parking space of a large stadium. For the construction of high-quality material was used, amongst other things 15 different types of marble (including Laas marble) and a remarkable amount of gold leaf. The interior of the mosque is a 5627 square meter, designed hand-knotted carpet from Iran, of the 47 is tons - including 35 Tons of wool and 12 tons of cotton. He, too, is considered the largest of its kind in the Welt.Ja exactly, We speak of the Sheikh Zayed Mosque. That's where we will spend the day comfortably and marvel continuously and photograph the beautiful architecture. Sunset and blue hour we are a little bit with the car driving around us to a fantastic vantage point to photograph the mosque with ingenious Wasserspiegelung.

workshop dubai

Day 4 – Index Tower & Razeen desert / At Quo'a
Tuesday – Tuesday
08.04. – 09.04.2019

We get up early and be picked up at the Index Tower to drive. A skyscraper with fantastic views of the whole of Dubai. This building is not normally open to the public, but by a bit Connection on my part, will give us the access to 90 granted minutes and we have an incredible and unique view. Countless photos can be shot until sunrise.

After that we will go back to the hotel, together to find breakfast and a little recreation. For the afternoon we go again.
Once again we find ourselves in the fantastic sandy desert in Razeen. The towering dunes make a stand in awe at the same time completely fascinated admiring the shapes and curves, that this natural spectacle revealed. The night is far and wide is no earthly light to see, the more the stars shine brighter and more numerous than usual other in one place in the world. The dry and cold night air provide perfect conditions for astrophotography and we will also use.
We will meet in the afternoon and go together to a pre-selected spot to capture the sunset and the blue hour there. At nightfall, we will move further south to seek a different location, Al Quo'a area, The blends perfectly with the night sky and the vast Milky Way. We will eat a little and in a relaxed atmosphere have interesting conversations and then photographed at midnight the great arc of the Milky Way over the sand dunes. we are being broken when the day photographing the sunrise and take the warm sun grateful.

Day 5 – Tolerance Bridge

city ​​photography dubai workshop

After the wonderful but strenuous exertion in the desert, we will this use a rest day for us, or even to do something yourself. Later in the afternoon, however, we will for a little trip again go make the Tolerance Bridge visit.

An architectural gem, where the biggest Dubai skyline perfect fit at the right angle under the arch. All well thought out. After that we will go comfortably in a restaurant and dine together.

städtefotorafie dubai

Day 6 – Dubai Marina Downtown & Jabal Jais Gebirge
Wednesday – Thursday
10.04. – 11.04.2019

dubai travel

The blue hour we drive from the hotel, maximal 10 Minutes to Dubai Marina Downtown. At this time everything is deserted and we can make a few Cityscapes, until we position ourselves on the bridge to take pictures of the sunrise. Then it goes again back to the hotel to have breakfast and get some sleep, because in the afternoon we continue towards the east and indeed to the Jabal Jais mountains. An unreal area, where virtually nothing grows and extremely reminiscent of a Martian landscape.
The road to the top is very well developed and little traffic. However, the construction work is not quite finished, so ca. 1 km, the road abruptly ends before the summit in front of a construction site and we will run the rest of the way. After a short time we reach the top and be rewarded with a gigantic views, ranging up to the sea. We will photograph the sunset and collect plenty of material for the front grounds at the Blue Hour, then the next Milky Way can be combined together. There is provided a large tent available, where we ca. until midnight can keep a little nap. The Milky Way and the entire arc over the surreal landscape, will be a great show, we will gather tons of material up to the sunrise. On the way down we will make a few stops every now and then, to photograph the very special landscape.

Day 7 – Madame in Sharja & Burj Al Arab Strand

After the trip to the Jabal Jais mountains we drive then directly to a small village “Madame in Sharja”.

Since it is anyway on the way and absolutely worth is. Through rugged desert terrain we drive to a Lost Place, that has it all. We will definitely take some impressions from there, before then after this long trip finally back to the hotel and a little can be slept.
Later in the afternoon, we drive a short distance to the beach where the famous Burj Al Arab luxury hotel is to photograph the sunset and then be still together a little cozy on the beach and of course to what to eat small.

Day 8 – Al shows Oase & Dubai Marina Skyline

South-east of Dubai is the beautiful Al Quadra oasis This is where we can get the best lighting scenes for the sunrise.

sunset dubai

For bird lovers an absolute paradise, because it is the one refuge for countless species of birds. Then it goes again back to the hotel to have breakfast and the following hours are yours alone. You can go stroll around or buy some souvenirs, or even sleep as you wish, the possibilities are endless in Dubai. Later in the afternoon we will check out of the hotel and ever invite all our bags into the car and then to move to the last spot. We're going to photograph one of the most beautiful skylines namely the Dubai Marina. Then we eat again together in an Arab restaurant.


After our last photo spot and the dinner, it goes again back to the airport. We say goodbye to Saadi and operate our aircraft. Together, we fly back to Switzerland where the workshop ends.


- Hotel Ibn Battuta Mall (8 nights & breakfast)
- tents, inflatable mattresses, Camper on the go
- theory lesson on the first night with a projector in the desert
- Klimatisierter SUV 4×4 for to reach all locations
- All fuel costs
- dinner at the restaurant on day 2, 5 & 8
- Every time water supplies
- Barbeque in the desert on the first night
- Basic photography, Camera setting and handling
- Detect light and to use correct
- Landscape Photography
− Cityscape & Architekturfotografie
- Streetphotography & Details
− Taxis, meters & Boats for the entire stay
- entry into the index Tower
- wildlife photography (Birds in Al Qudra)
- In the free time available tips and tricks in image processing
- Sunrise – & Sunset Photos
- Golden & Blue Hour
- Night Photography / Milky Way
- Creation of Milky Way Panorama
- Composition & Perspectives
- Timeblending in the Blue Hour
- Photo Technique Panorama & Stacking
- Camera settings (Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO, AWB)
- Intensive Support by the Tour Guide Fabio & Saadi
- NEW Tracked Star Photography
- NEW Included. Tutorials (Timeblending & Stacking)

Not included

- Betweennsfer to Zurich airport
- Flight to Dubai
- Booking of single rooms (possible extra charge)
- Tips for Restaurant
- Food & Well-Being (Except dinner on day 2,5, & 8)
- Any airport charges, Taxis, weight Supplements
- Airport Visa in Dubai
- Annullierungskostenversicherung
- Travel Insurance
- accident insurance
- Personal Expenses

Your Tour Guide

Saadi Kawkji

I am an Italian Landscape – and Astrophotographer, living in Switzerland and otherwise I am to be found everywhere. Since 4 Years I have specialized in astrophotography and am particularly pleased the first workshop near Dubai to give. Desert and the Milky Way was to be allowed to have always welcomed me high up on the list and I hope to see you there <3

Saadi Kawkji has now been almost over 15 Years as a travel photographer on the go, always looking for the best light. For this he visited several times Europe, has Asia and the Near East and its strengths in landscape, Culture- and animal photography. Even in his hometown Dubai, He will take us to secret places and wonderful spots with his knowledge.

Hotel Ibn Battuta Premier Inn

The Premier Inn Dubai Ibn Battuta Mall is located close to the beach, Shopping center and very close to a Metro station. Facilities include a lift, bar, Restaurant, golf course, Pool and gym. The price is the tax per room per night, Service charges and tourism fee included.

The Hotel

- Inclusive Breakfast
- Free Internet access via WiFi through the hotel
- Complimentary business center with printing, Copy- and scanning devices
- Free luggage storage on site
- Free access to swimming pool, Jacuzzi and gym

The Room

- 42 “Flat Screen TV
- Bath &amp; / or Shower
− Tee- coffee maker
- Hair Dryer, Fridge and digital safe
- Spacious desk area
- Daily bottle of water
− Sofa / Couch

On demand

- Cots
- bathmats
- Ironing facilities
- wake-up call
- Connecting rooms

The reception is 24 Hours available

Check-in Time: 14:00 PM
Check-out Time: 12:00 PM

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