As I Saadi anschrieb several months ago and suggested that I come to Dubai and to make with Him some workshops on the legs, I did not think twice to decide and agreed immediately. Although Dubai does not grade was my first trip destination, Then we started immediately with the preparations. And I can say that it was worth it in every way. But first slowly ... front ...

After a 6-hour and absolutely comfortable flight, we landed at Dubai airport. The time shift in the Emirates is 2 Hours forward and it was already dark and quite late when we got there. After some time, we were already Saadi with his gigantic 4x4 off-roader to us then to go to the hotel. For the first time we saw the city, at least a small part of this, and what can I say, in the pictures it looks just always gigantic and absolutely futuristic. But to stand in front of it and experience it with my own eyes what is again very different. Immediately buzzed me thousands of visual ideas through the head. But the fatigue is noticeable in any case and in the hotel we were looking forward to start on the comfortable bed. The next day was the first destination of the desert Razeen and a workshop in the area of ​​night photography with some locals from Dubai, the Saadi had organized in advance.

After a relaxing and long sleep, We have also been picked up and we went along with the campers and some participants go. The location was about 200 Kilometers outside the city. Since it is really nice dark and that is where begins the wonderful desert and runs hundreds of kilometers to the south, far beyond the borders of Saudi Arabia. When we saw the sand dunes for the first time, I wanted to like to stop every few meters, get out and take pictures. The sight was just too good, but we're almost there anyway.

And the Meeting Point has the remaining workshop participants were also waiting. Incredibly friendly and funny people, with whom one could talk about any subject and were to have for every joke. While we chatted a bit and rumalberten, was our scout Saadi at it to accomplish the structure with the canvas in full swing later for the theoretical part.

I, however, grabbed me before the participants and ran with you to the dunes up to a practice launch for the sunset prepare. I have each helped make the proper settings on your cameras and was a total 8 Participants already explained pretty intense on and sprinted almost from one student to the next. In between, I could make some pictures, but it was finally me then already important, sensibly as possible to help.

The sun rose slowly and far above the horizon it looked very hazy. Sand is in the air and it does not really managed to settle on the ground to lay. The many air turbulence whirled and the sand rocked up again. According to the participants a very unusual weather for this time of year. But there was definitely very diffuse lighting effects, while the sun went down, the wonderfully fit into the unreal landscape and so we photographed from different points and took advantage of the countless lines, which is to lead the eye into the picture. Even with zoom lenses to capture the details, worthwhile especially here, the abstractness of forms capture

.... when suddenly the wind came up ... first only slightly noticeable, grew stronger but within a short time. A mediocre sand storm blew up and the sand was blowing us the only way around the ears. Also our camera equipment was now full of sand, not to mention the sight of all, oh what am I talking about, we are already virtually merged with the environment 😛
But seen in photographs were wonderful shots and great momentum in the photos.

Now already the sun disappeared and been through the loud wind we had to almost yell, so we packed our things and for now back to our "Refugium" walked.

We wanted to entrench already in the car as suddenly stopped the storm and calmed the situation. What a strange weather. Sandstorms are in our latitudes rather rare and so everything was a new experience. However, I found, that now the sky was almost completely. Of clouds no trace, but sand, tons of sand in the air and we were afraid that it will remain above.

Since the Milky Way slowly emerged only towards midnight anyway, we were ever everything ready for our Arab Barbeque and Saadi was there all right busy and all the meat, Salads and drinks prepared in the camper. Hunger is spreading and the tables are covered. The traditional Arabic dishes were mainly characterized with meat, mostly lamb, Chicken and veal. Reminded me of shashlik, but it is there "Shish Tawook" called and is eaten with pita bread. As a side dish, of course, was not allowed "Fattoush" absence, an incredibly delicious bread salad, with this one eggplant with humus and "pious Inab", with meat, tomatoes, Peppers and rice stuffed grape leaves.

I adore even higher today. And so we all sat there, talking, laughed, hoping of course that the weather situation improved. At the moment, we saw not a single star, only dust and sand in the air far above us. The sandstorm a few hours ago, has indeed given us a wonderful sunset, for that we now have the problem at night. That's why there was a small change of plan and we decided, now to start already with the theoretical part. So we built our canvas on, the projector and set up the chairs and tables. Shortly before the presentation, rose again the wind and still stronger than before. Now it was really a storm and you could not see anything. The plastic chairs pushed dangerously back and forth and a lot of material was blown around our ears. first there was nothing left than in campers and cars to escape and wait for the storm. Everything was full of sand and it became more and more violent outside. We improvised a little and made a part of the participants, which were located in the camper with us, an image editing crash course. The fact that we would see the Milky Way likely today, proved true more and more, yet we had to eat a lot of fun and was also still enough there 😛

After about an hour, The storm lay down again, and we crawled out of the shelter of the cars, but still no stars. The few test photos we made to the clarity of the sky to test, were appalling. But it was warm outside and we started a little clean up and prepare the deck chairs. At least there were many good and funny talks and the participants in the theoretical part of the image processing some could yet win.

As a good pastime, we tested the self-designed light bars of Saadi and under his guidance, we first made a few attempts and then really some photos. So while Saadi rumhüpfte earlier, all presented in a series and I helped with the settings of the cameras.

We really had fun until well past midnight, as it flashed in more distant suddenly, more and more and more frequently. The rumble was coming closer and the first raindrops fell down. What a crazy weather, that even the "Dubaier" unknown 😛 was Back in the car we were waiting there, and finally we slept for a few hours and then at least be willing to sunrise.

After a downpour in the desert, the sand dunes and its structures take on very different forms. The color appears different and you get a little bit that we are in a different place feel, as on the eve. We ran again purely in the desert and stayed us particularly well on it, not to leave too many footprints, to destroy not possible pictorial compositions.

With the knowledge of the previous evening, the participants distributed at longer intervals and set the learned to. There was still a lot of haze on the horizon, and even some wispy clouds left over in the sky, but the rain helped clear down to bring the sand, the air is clear a lot. Whether this is possibly a chance for the next night, we will soon learn.
Well first we all need a tasty breakfast and strong coffee nen, before then slowly go back to the hotel. We need a little sleep and especially a shower.

I'm going weekly for each day / Night in Dubai write a little blog post to describe my impressions and to give, not least, a few travel tips and also to make some technical information. So if you want to miss anything, can subscribe to my newsletter, to be always up to date 🙂

Love & Peace


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