As a thank you with regard to various events, there for you to download every now and then a photo in super quality. Whether for Desktp home PC or as wallpaper for your smartphone, is up to you

Edit the Orion Nebula

belongs to the famous winter object probably the Great Orion Nebula and that is why I as a small winter gift would a raw of 12 Minutes exposure time with the corresponding core correction, provide free of charge.
It is a high quality recording on the right you can let off steam you. Send me your results via email, so I can give you addition some tricks on the way. I'm really looking forward to the various edits.


Merri Christmas

Without big words before, I wish to leave all very happy holidays and many more positive experiences are true to your wishes.

As a small gift to all, can you the following link a photo of the Blue Lake download free