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Since the first night was filled in the desert with all possible Wetterphämomene, except with the Milky Way, of course, we again had to make a trip there. The weather promised at night a clear night. But first there was after lunch a trip to Palm Iceland…

So we were off to the Palm Jumeirah, one of three palm-shaped islands and the only one that is currently open to traffic and almost completely removed. We stopped every now and then in order to photograph the extraordinary architecture and enjoy the absolutely paradisiacal region by car. Also we had hungry again and so we sat down in one of the numerous snack shops, to eat an original Arabic Kebab.

So the sun went down and we were on the way to one of the most beautiful skyline in Dubai namely the Marina section. We actually photographed non-stop and were pretty impressed by this prospect.

Until the blue hour we spent time there and the sky cleared completely on. Our joy was great then drive again in the desert.

After it was really dark, we sat in the same car and drove off towards the same desert. They were also 2 Hour drive that had put behind us we, but that was not a problem, because our mood was great and we are constantly joking around. Once in the desert, We got out and surveyed the sky. Frankly, it did not look good. Once again, an incredible amount of sand and dust was in the air. But we were confident that it will be better and as we made our camera equipment ready, came another car out of nowhere and stopped next to us. He just wanted to ask if we had a breakdown and he could help. Really friendly, I've also never seen, But on the contrary.

We ran a piece off the streets into the desert and it was really indescribable dark. Not even 10 already yards away I could not see Saadi. We positioned ourselves at some point and did not have long to wait until the Milky Way slowly to see was. The sand lay down and revealed to us a fantastic view!

Despite still some clouds of sand, We were incredibly happy, to finally be able to take pictures of the Milky Way in the desert and so we made countless photos to dusk.

Tired but very happy we packed slowly back together and then drove to the car. Meanwhile, the sky is also gone. verduften to good timing and a perfect time to. Back to the hotel for a couple of hours to doze. Soon it went on again.

Love & Peace

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