The Czech border is the bastion of only a few kilometers away and I know that there is a spot, to which I have long been a crush. The area of ​​the Saxon Switzerland extends beyond the border and I am convinced, that we will live to see there some great landscapes. But before it comes over the border, we made a short trip very close ...

Near is actually relatively. If one of the Basteibrücke runs the way down, you reach the small village of Rathen in just 15 minutes, that is located in the area Amselgrund. Of course, the time amounts to the pure walk, not the countless stops, because we have rediscovered to photograph something.

The whole area is truly a feast for the eyes and we spent good 2 Hours in this beautiful forest. The village itself is a small Rathen, cozy and idyllic village, that all his charm especially in the Blue Hour revealed, if the old street lamps light up and the small streets, and the facades of houses typical Saxon style, are illuminated. This occurred not more ... yes yes our itinerary is tight, I know, but the Saxon Switzerland is visited more than once, Definitely not.

After a coffee in one of the bakeries of the village, we walked to the car and drove without further ado from the Czech Republic. The tour continues to Hřensko, about half an hour away from the bastion bridge and is located directly after the border. Here, too, must be considered, that a lot of jam on sunny weekends on the road and the hiking places are more or less well stocked. Thus it is clear that even the parking are limited. We met up there 11 In the morning and were just so find a parking. The price is 5 Euro for the whole day. Also, I would recommend that you never liked to eat pizza and spare me at this point more details. For pizzas you have to stop just been going to Italy 😀

We ran purely in the Kamnitz Gorge area from the village. A wonderful forest, the gateway to the Bohemian Switzerland that sounds under the name Kamnitz Gorge. Through the forest, the Kamenice flows that leads into the Elbe. We could not stop taking pictures and my two companions had, of course, also on the road constantly pinch back each other. But we had time and I for me to scour the area for interesting motives and perspectives. Otherwise several times but I noticed, what makes this place probably unique. Despite the heat that day, collects in the deep gorge of the canyon repeatedly cold air to. So you walk along the road, with a gentle, warm breeze, when suddenly a piece long the temperature rapidly drops a few meters further to rise again immediately. but absolutely interesting to experience a strange feeling of extreme temperature fluctuations something. Anyway, we ended up after about. 90 Minutes at the end of the path to the boat pier.

It just goes with the boat. paid an Adult 3,50 Euro. What we did not know, that only one way is included. The ferry is operated by tourists and by the helmsman and lead us and a few other tourists by the absolutely impressive Canyon. The ferry man tells it to Czech and partly broken German some interesting facts about the canyon, as well as the Eastern European humor is great here yet listed sympathetic and discreet. Slogans like "For those who only speak German, Tough luck "or the funny clues about structures in the rock like elephants, Moby Dick or Bart Simpson look, lit up the mood and made the boat ride in this impressive environment very entertaining. Even the small “waterfall” attraction, that can not be taken seriously, has made its own unique flair and has some good laughs.

But where is this spot, why am I here. It must be very close. And indeed, after a small curve behind the rock face I see in the distance the object of desire. The beginning of the Edmundsklamm and a little house on top of the rock. I photographed strikes going on and tried out several focal lengths. So I kept changing the lenses and did a lot of cool photos.

Immediately prior to the subject, the boat dock is already well, when you go ashore again and from there can again take advantage of other opportunities to photograph this very impressive motive. We continue but now the stairs and a short piece to the cabin running back. What kind of a hut? Lived there probably once a researcher named Edmund? A famous adventurer? a hermit? What is the story behind it, which probably mystery surrounds this place ... it's a ticket shop hahaha for the return trip. But to stay positive, an admittedly very attractive ticket shop.

We looked a little to and just after the curve along the pathway, there was also a larger square with restaurants and takeaways, somehow typical and takes this place a little magic away, but also understandable with so many tourists. The trail passes a small section to the next boat dock to the other staple reach. But here again the time no longer enough, and so we went again on the way back and photographed one or two interesting on the way back. Elena and Aline course mainly both.

We laughed the day Super much, constantly knocking on spells and some expressions are stuck us. Visited necessarily the sides of the girls, because there are both gifted Fotografinen!

Love & Peace

"Photo by Aline"

"Photo by Elena"