Fairly well rested, we went in the late afternoon on the way to Old Dubai and its vibrant Souk's. Our aim was, of course, not only to make a strong walk along the beautiful lagoon, capture some impressions with our camera and explore the markets, No, we had very hungry and could not wait to taste a traditional Arabic food…

Old Dubai makes as everything else in Dubai, for great amazement. As is so much history behind it, with its famous Dubai Museum in the Al Fahidi Fort, or the many many streets, But while you can not get lost, because it's all so beautiful open and refreshing and the landmarked houses, with its sophisticated ventilation system maximum of two floors are high. A stark contrast to the countless skyscrapers equal to the road next to it.

The weather was as always very warm but still very hazy. The sandstorm had really have it and find in it the way we, swept it all over the country. Rather unusual for this time of year. As we left the winding streets of the old town, we were already at the 12 km long, reached the beautiful promenade and it surprised us already that so few people were traveling. Not that it would be bad but the further we walked to the lagoon towards the center and market area, the more the road completed and finally was there the crowd that we had actually expected.

A lot of different cultures and many tourists in confined spaces, especially unusually large number of Indians. But that was not at all bad, because the atmosphere was absolutely serene and peaceful. When we ran into the first purely souks, We were surrounded immediately by the first dealer and you immediately tried us in a business to engage. Even if the reading very intrusive, so it was quite different, because they were all freunlich and also some funny conversations arose. Then, when a young Hänlder, the Kasmir material sold, rauszuhauen started a few typical Swiss words, then we had quite laugh. “Cucicäschtli” apparently known internationally 😛

But hunger was too big and we then moved us further away and landed on the spices Soak then to Arab-Indian restaurant with a terrace that fantastic views of the Dubai Creek revealed. We chose biryani, a hearty rice dish, damn hot with chicken and, but something of incredibly delicious and the plate was full and stuffed pretty. we must not talk about the prices, incredibly cheap for what is offered, converted ca. 10 Swiss franc. So who is like spicy, should definitely try the times, but quite important enough to drink… it is really sharp 😀

After dinner we walked us at one of the many marinas of the water taxis. One of the biggest un-known is the Al-Sabkha Abra station and it was jam-packed with tourists waiting there in an Abra enter. The snake moved forward little, so our Super Saadi has summarily equal to one Abra one and only reserved for us. A nice feeling at all the people passing to run and have a whole boat to ourselves. So we could spread our lenses beautiful on the deck and take pictures freely. We will handle next year definitely just as. We drove about. 30 Minutes along the river and then back again and were able to hold beautiful photos from unique perspectives.

One gets the feeling that one is in Venice and the beauty, the peace and quiet in this boat ride I can not describe, that you really like to see for yourself. But no matter how beautiful it was, so we were glad that we were able to reinvest, for the sun was already disappeared below the horizon and it was getting dark. time again to run back to the car and drive to a beautiful spot. One of many skylines of Dubai with the mighty Burj Khalifa. We drove about. 15 Minutes to the district al jaddaf, had to again provide a beautiful deserted promenade. The lights of the city were already at all and the Burj Khalifa towered high above all other skyscrapers and turned off all 20 Minutes to a light show to.

The air was unfortunately still very cloudy, but we took some pictures and enjoyed the show, before then zur¨zurück the hotel went to round off your evening.

Tomorrow again had to be rested a little, because it goes back to the desert. So be sure to read along next Monday at the blog post about the 3. Day <3

Love & Peace

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