Skyrim in Switzerland

Skyrim Photo Workshop

Skyrim Photo Workshop

Among all the Swiss Alpine passes is the Sustenpass, the best ever. The rugged mountain landscape, which combines in the summer in symbiosis with green-clad Mosse and alpine flowers, is unique. It is very reminiscent of the game preisgekrönnten “Skyrim” and just then, we will also be offset. We are not only the explosive sunset, photograph the millions of stars above us and the dreamy, mystical sunrise… No, This time the enchanting Elena is Elena Frizler Photography & be kind with us and the lovely Linda Ravenchild that is available to us as a model. Here you will also optimally Elena coached in the field of photography and model in combination with this dreamscape. We create our own fantasy world.

Prices & Services

max. 6 Students

Skyrim Workshop inkl. Milkyway



The workshop will be held on weekends (SA / SO). In addition, the workshop is laid out on a new moon, to have no disturbing light source at night. The weather is very unpredictable on the Sustenpass and the chance to have no clear view of the stars is quite.


The workshop will naturally take place at the magnificent Sustenpass. And on both sides, the Bernese and Urner side. Parking is available and reserved just for us barbecue. One can twist and turn as you want, it can always find the perfect perspective to photograph.


Some spots will be easily accessible by car, directly on the spot. Other Location is only a short walk from max. 15 to achieve minutes. In turn others to achieve something more strenuous and steep and partly a good impact resistance is required. Among the 2 nameless lakes.

What to bring

- Basic knowledge of Photography
- Good walking boots
- Warm clothes
- tent or sleeping bag
- Camera batteries

- Memory cards
- Camera (APS-C or Full Frame)
- Stable Tripod
− Portraitobjktive (50 & 85mm)
- High luminous wide-angle lens (for Milky Way)
- Other Lenses (Tele & Standard)
- Optional: Graduated filters (for landscape and Milky Way)
- Other individual meals


In the afternoon we will put together on a selected barbecue some meat on the fire (Please note when booking for vegetarians). Beverages are also provided and will lack nothing to us. At night, the Milky Way is visible in August immediately, while we will hit some spots and make as many photos. Once the Milky Way is later submerged in the night, we can lie down in the tent a few hours until sunrise we take pictures. After that there is for you a delicious breakfast in the hotel Steingletscher.

Workshop Goals

- Sunrise – & Sunset Photos
- Golden & Blue Hour
- Milky Way Photography
- Creation of Milky Way Panorama
- Composition & Perspectives
- Timeblending in the Blue Hour
- Photo Technique Panorama & Stacking
- Camera settings (Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO, AWB)
- Tips and Tricks in the field of image processing
- NEW Tracked Star Photography
− Portraitfotografie & Modelfotografie
– Levitation with model

What awaits you:
We meet in the early afternoon on the Sustenpass the hotel Steingletscher and do the same on the first spot, where our specially equipped barbecue is located. As long as the sun is not shining too strong, are Elena & Linda immediately together with you, visit the first places and start the first entry in portrait photography. In the meantime, my person is you put the food on the fire and keep everything warm around after the model coaching to satisfy the hunger.

In the late afternoon we will more wonderful places to choose the different lighting moods take. It can be used over and over again Linda wish them to be brought to the country under the guidance of mine and Elena. The sun goes down and everything will turn into the most beautiful pastel colors and dramatic moods for the Sustenpass is known.

Go on:
The blue hour, we position ourselves at one of the many spots around the leading reasons for the blue hour record. Here, too, can and may Linda fill in for you to provide them with to integrate into the landscape and photograph fantastic motives. The Blue Hour is then used later in particular to, the scenery combine together with the Milky Way. The tutorial on Timeblending is integrated in the workshop and can always be used by you for this ingenious technology also apply to other images.

In the meantime
Dusk we will again a little fight back, drink a coffee, some cookies devour invigorated for the night, usher in the hunt for the Milky Way. The Milky Way can be seen in August all night while we will visit several spots and / or start to accommodate the Galactic Center from different perspectives. We are the few few hours are available to us, best use and make a lot of photos, before then slowly begins to dawn, and we are positioning ourselves for the last time to take the sunrise.

NEW included in the staff workshop Milky Way:
As Ambassador of Vixen Polarie, I will give you the same time introduces the mobile astrophotography, To be more specific, you will learn a little handy and precise Traveling mount, to take in this direction foot. The Polarie is to make specially designed beautiful Wide Fields captures of the night sky and long exposed star shooting landscapes.

Tired but with many new insights and tons of pictures, we go to the hotel Steingletscher and breakfast together, leave everything again reminisce and take some time for open questions, before then ends the workshop.

Die Coaches & the model




When landscaping – and astro-photographer Fabio always looking for new and wonderful places wishing to be included in the best light. every now and then to integrate the desire a model in the landscape, is part of this workshop.

Linda has at your stage name “Ravenchild” many years of experience as a model. She manages with ease to put yourself in any situation in and is also still a big fan of Star Photography.

Elena has been photographing 2 Years, especially in the area of ​​Fantasy & Portrait and has built a large community within a short time, whose ideas are often failed. By creating an easy-going nature makes you feel comfortable every time with your, whether as a model or student.


Not included

- Coaching for sunset
- Coaching for the Milky Way Photography
- Coaching for the sunrise
- Coaching for portrait photography
- Model Linda for portrait – and landscape photography
- Optional: Coaching imaging
- Coffee and cookies
- Dinner or. grilling
- Breakfast at the hotel Steingletscher
- NEW Tracked Star Photography
- NEW Included. Tutorials (Timeblending & Stacking)

- Individual On – and return
- Other meals
- personal expenses
- accident insurance