Saoseo lake

Some time ago I cracked Facebook for 10,000 Like brand and as a result, also a couple of contests launched. One of them was, which the winner or the, come along with me on a short trip while on his favorite. The winner was Andreas Kluge ...

For weather reasons we had to postpone our plans twice. And when 3. times it looked like. Weather often plays crazy and is currently very difficult to predict. But we changed spontaneously to Plan B, who is also created just as spontaneous and decided on the beautiful Lake Saoseo in the beautiful Grisons. So we packed our things and with my sweetheart we drove off. I must say that I underestimated the distance to the Grisons again. But the road is at least beautiful and varied. The rugged landscapes at Julier Pass or the Bernina Pass to the Lago Bianco, let me with astonishment kept coming back. The latter, incidentally, I will pay a visit in winter. but more in another blog post.
We arrived just 4 Hours later and we parked the car in the large gravel parking lot at the bus stop Sfazu. From there, a road actually leads almost directly to the lake, To be more specific at Rifugio of Saoseo, A small but sweet hostel for hikers and nature lovers. But you need a permit from the Municipality of Poschiavo, to be allowed to go up by car ... and of course I had not. So was with luggage and photo equipment to deal with a constant slope. Andreas was not there yet and we agreed that we slowly walked ever expected and he caught us. The first section of the road was very steep but short, and after we have left this effort behind us, happened what strange ... by a careless movement and then stumbling over a tree root, My sneakers are torn and indeed completely. So I stood there without shoes and we had something of laugh. Well who already 5 Countries and hundreds of kilometers gone through rough terrain and at some point it was bound to happen so. Fortunately Fabio always a pair of shoes in the car, do not ask me why 😛 but it turns out to be dead right! Elena was an angel and ran again to return to the car to pick up the shoes for me and when I ca. 5 had waited minutes, was shot up from below a car and braked abruptly beside me, that he had to be, I thought, then asked him whether he had a permit, boot here. It was the love Andreas seem to care and I thought to myself.. Aha a rebel. Anyway, I told him about the situation with the shoes and I quickly climbed into the car and drove down to Elena charge.

yet but it was open whether we wanted to risk it by car or maybe run? After all, there are 1.5 Hours trail to the refuge and from there again 15 Minutes to the lake. Let's try it, we thought and so drove up the private road up and actually came to us after a short time another car on the narrow road opposite and then told us that we would need a permit friendly, which could otherwise be expensive. We had no choice but to get out and wait here, to Andreas placed the car down in the parking lot and he then ran back to us. Granted, we are not exactly come a long way after all this chaotic back and forth. But now we really were on the way and ran about. 100 Meter, as behind us up drove a car and we made way. It was the friendly man from before with a passenger and an older amiable grandma and probably your granddaughter in the back seat. He stopped and asked whether he should take us. You can not imagine how we were relieved you. So we squeezed our luggage in the small car in and we are back in the back seat. A very fun ride was and everyone has spoken in several languages ​​mess. I in Italian, Andreas in German, the Grisons half Reto-Romansh and it seemed to me as if I had heard Elena also speak Russian 😛

To the very top, he could not drive us though but we were very close to it and through this positive event, we overcame with much energy the remaining leg. arrived at the hostel, we looked around briefly, to look at where it goes and wasted valuable time, Rest appeal. We already started to worry about in Witze, because I every now and then said we're almost there ... Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that. So this time it was really steep a barely definable stone stairs and straight through the narrow and wild overgrown forest road. When we the gentle splashing of a small brook heard, We knew that we did it right and actually ... Lago Saoseo was now almost impossible to describe in words before us, and in its beauty. Crystal clear water, a slippery surface, a turquoise-like colors as they really rare in nature and all the conifer forest around us, including the mountains, put me into a euphoric state and painted me from somewhere in Canada to be in a totally deserted place, where hundreds of kilometers is not a soul. But we were in Switzerland and inspired me even more. Simply amazing and immediately sniffed and roamed around, looking for a place to sleep for the night and also exploring the photographic Spots. And while I engaged me in conversation with Andreas and give some tricks on the screen layout, I forgot to photograph himself and missed the moment where the sky flickered briefly. Fortunately, Elena could at least make a few phone shots

Elena was now back to our chosen one sleeping place and began to build the tent and make a small fire. Just wonderful this woman <3 We were able to comfortably and without stress, the area a little explore and take photos of the Blue Hour. The dusk set in and we ran back and then all together what seen little to eat, and the Milky Way. But as so often in astrophotographic area, just hung everything on the cloud cover, and even the clouds hanging over us. Although slightly loosened again and again and through a few gaps in the clouds, we spotted some stars, but the swamp up there persisted. And the look in our weather apps hardened the truth. So had no other choice but to lie us us a little, close your eyes and look forward to the sunrise. Against 5 AM tomorrow were Andrew and I up and ran to the selected place on the eve of the sunrise. Although the sky was still cloudy but slowly become one or the other structure was colored the sky. But unfortunately, the clouds were pretty thick and were also more dense. A few photos we still get into the box, as then the rain suddenly began. Finally now it was gone too, and we walked back to our warehouse, packed everything together and prepared ourselves for the way back.

arrived at the inn, the rain stopped on and the sun even broke through again, However, on the horizon was a huge wall in the sky that was moving towards us. In fact, a thunderstorm was against 11 AM been told ahead. But before we walked back the way, We indulged ourselves in another Rifiugio "Cafe Saoseo" and a hot chocolate. The coffee had filled it literally contained and was having quite a bit of rum, that also acted immediately 😀

The way back was loose and funny, just as it did the whole time. But Photographic not the highlight has fun made it all and Andreas we got to know a humorous and talkative young man and it was certainly not the last time!

lake Saoseo, Grisons

Before the rain started, There was a tiny window of time where the sky very specific and subtle colors were bred. We were able to hold on a photo, and has only been so worthwhile for us!

Love & Peace

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