Our next destination was the wonderful Funes Valley (Val di Funes). I wanted to photograph the two chapels with a decent night sky, what I do not succeeded at the last visit. But this time the situation was wonderful, even close to perfect. We arrived in the middle of the night and parked in the large square in the village. The Milky Way was visible to the naked eye on the Geisslergruppe and the two chapels. I immediately got down to work and photographed just outside the lampposts only used the stars. Although nothing was visible, I hastened still something, because according to my bet Rapp were in the late 2. Night half announced some clouds. In fact, the first wisps of cloud came in astronomical twilight crawling and even some raindrops were felt. but that was all not so bad because the star photos were in the box and through the thin clouds even a gigantic sunrise could reveal.
My main goal was to take the Santa Maddalena Chapel in the Dolomites from the typical panoramic view and this one has a little cozy walk on to. These are all private roads and of course you can not simply just there by driving. It was still dark when I went on my way and you can quickly lose their orientation times at the various intersections. Therefore I once got a little card for you here ready made including parking and photo location.

A pleasant way of passing a little steep only in some places. 20 Minutes path but are to be included with. If you however, since arrived, reveals a wonderful view. The mountain range in the background, the small chapel in the dream idyllic Villnöss. Just fantastic! And the best of all the violent color was the sky the offing himself. As assumed, the little downpour has done wonders.

However, as at Karersee there is here again a few scenes enttäuscehnde. Everywhere in the village and on the track that I'm gone, were signs in several languages, you should not hesitate to not enter the fields and be respectful with nature. But there they were distributed throughout the pastures. Behind me above even half a tour group, I have no understanding for it. Of course, we try to find the best possible perspective but my photographic eye immediately showed me that looking at the meadow by no means so much better than the spot I chose on the road. I'm not going as well as possible participate a terrible thoughts culture of a company from the elbow. As then saw some tourists that I was standing on the step-on legal basis and could just make good photos, most then also came down to me and stood there on. But for me that was the starting gun to go out and run back again. My photos I had and as long as this mood persists in the sky, my plan was also the Chapel of St. to perpetuate Johann in Ranui on an image. Fairly rapid step I liesf back down and when I noticed that the sky was very clear, slowly but surely, I still ran the last few minutes to spot.

The Chapel St. Johann in Ranui is easily accessible and is located very close to the parking. Even taking pictures with a small photo platform locally to the typical view.
Completely out of breath I threw the bag to the ground, took my camera without a tripod out and photographed freehand before the color disappeared in the sky. Since the Olympus again shows its effect and thus reach me, despite difficult lighting situation a couple of good shots… 5-Axis image stabilization system thank!

The sky became clearer, the remaining clouds departed and the sunlight was reflected. That was also the time for me to run back to the car and just to drink a liter of water. I got me a little more comfortable introduced, but to photograph both spots with this lighting situation, requires a few sprints with heavy backpack. In any case is very close to another very interesting location we wanted to visit there namely the next location we wanted to visit.
Just 15 Minute drive Removes to the parking lot meeting Zanser Alm. Because our goal was to Geissleralm itself. The plan was not to stay too long because. Just as long to photograph a little in the area Tgeslicht, some lunch and then back to the next spot. From the parking lot you pay Zan 6 Euro for a whole day and when we cashed the ticket we saw the board with the trails to Geissler Alm. The shortest route would 2 take hours to complete path. Since it almost 8 AM was morning, we would face in the best case to 10 Am only up there probably arrive sooner 11 AM because photographers always stop somewhere and what to see what absolutely has to be photographed! then briefly above photograph a little, some little food and then right back and then more 90 minutes to drive to the next spot. This is all far too short. Add to that the fact that we have barely slept since departure from home and we even knew what else lies ahead. So this plan did not work out and we went back in and made our short thoughts what we do with the paid parking ticket. Quite simple really: Make someone happy, So we stuck the ticket ticket switch to, with a small note to 🙂

Where it was now? exactly: Back to Funes, then up over Passo delle Erbe continue to Passo Falzarego. A wonderful pass, because we have explored some. But we were quite close to it on our ultimate goal. Cinque Torri! But more about that in the next blog post.

Love & Peace