Space Night Presets

CHF 14,90



The image processing is full of obstacles and sometimes you sit hours on a photo only to realize afterwards that you are not happy with the result.. Especially in the field of astrophotography there are many stumbling blocks. With these Presets i'll help you out from your dilema. Bring your photo editing on a new level and turn your Milky Way photos with just a few clicks into beautiful masterpieces.

11 brilliant presets

In the package the installation instructions are of course included. Once installed on Lightroom, the presets are also available in Camera Raw in Photoshop. A little note on my part:
Please keep in mind, that each preset is intended as a starting point. Preferences affect depending on exposure, lighting, Colors etc in the picture. on each photo differently from. When editing usually have certain settings such as white balance and the black- and whites in the "Basic Settings" are adjusted. These presets contains centralized architecture presets and you not only allows great freedom when editing, but you will save a lot of time and nerves.