Only 30 Minute drive from Cortina d'Ampezzo, there is the Passo Giau and we had tons of time, so we that we on the way there decided to stop briefly at a beautiful place with a great mountain panorama, to drink our coffee and sweets to nibble… Quite a lot of time. And I love that needs if you do not rush from one place towards the other. That's not the point of a trip and I would rather plan one more day one here to experience a calm and relaxed travel.

Arriving at the Passo Giau up to us revealed a gigantic panoramic view of mountain ranges with very striking peaks and of course with the Nuvolau summit. Directly at the foot of which is the Rifugio Passo Giau and we tried our luck again and asked for a free room. But as usual everything was already occupied and out to the parking lots filled now back fairly quickly with coaches tons of tourists transported. We explored briefly the area around ready later to be for sunset and then walked back to the car. Here there was again an unpleasant situation:

A young man of some pushy people spoke, ran up to us with a writing board in his hand and greeted us first friendly and began incoherently some memorized sentences carry forward. As far as I have understood, concerned a donation to an organization in which he apparently was active to lead to drug addicts back to a normal life. First, not a bad thing, but something that was wrong. I never judge someone because of its appearance but he looked like he would consume very strong drugs. He was unkempt and clearly nervous and then as a biker ran past us and said to me, Do not touch it, I was then confirmed with my skepticism. I said no thanks and that I was not interested and out of the exaggerated kind man suddenly became aggressive and miserable man. then run away leg I shouted the words of Him: I hope you break your bones and die. Yes, people can be very ugly and then I thought to myself at that moment, I might do him a little uglier than he is already, with his 3 brown teeth in the mouth, he does not need probably more. But my favorite man has held me back and so we ran back to the car. But it was clear he watched us and knew our car. I imagine he might before that has to do something evil, while we were on trek. paint scratch, slashing tires… everything is possible. That's why we decided to go on us a little. Along the road down there were other accommodation and we tried time to snag a room there. At first we did Rifugio times briefly stop and just went skiing holiday without high hopes and just asked times for a room. The woman then told us they would have a room available for us and I do not, somehow fatigue or because I just expected a no, I said Ok, thanked me and goodbye hahaha. But within a second I realized it and asked again after.. Moment… Really had a vacancy? She said yes again and we took IMMEDIATELY! Half board was needed. Rifugio Fedara was a small cozy accommodation and is apparently not very busy but wrongly. The room was pretty, everything was clean, the food was really delicious and the staff very friendly! We first wanted to make up for showers and sleep. A deep blue sky in broad daylight with a bright sun and the oddball at the pass top, were not the best conditions for photography. You can not imagine how well a soft mattress after a few days feels. When we woke up later, we went down to the terrace and ordered a fat steak with fries. The first real hot meal in days. After that, I got ready to photograph the sunset and Elena got ready to go back to go back to the room and relax 😛

had arrived at the pass up hardly anyone there and I ran down the hill at the parking lots high. I had anyway not stay ahead for as long, just the lighting mood for the evening including the Blue hour and a few Milky Way Photos, before it went back to the hotel room then for me again.

A small Composing I then created sometimes, because the photos had failed on the pass something Rar. Back into the room I thought perhaps that I sleep very difficult could, as we previously had a long siesta in the afternoon, but it went Ruckzuck and I was gone. And that was a good thing, because tomorrow was a strict and long walk ahead of us.

The next morning we had breakfast yet extensively, Meat and cheese platter with bread and coffee and Osaft. This was incredibly delicious and also very much. We were then fed properly and our journey continued to the next and last location. Tre Cime di Laveredo.

Love & Peace