Meticulously I have planned all the routes and spots, cards printed, Sunrises and sunsets precisely for this season after researched, so that we are also at the right time in the right place. So it can go! But two days before the trip, devastated a huge storm, large parts of the Dolomites…

… Unfortunately, I have largely ignored, but anyway it did not matter, for I have already planned everything and booked. Always with a look at the weather maps we drove off after sunset at dusk. The sky was clear and we discussed the upcoming projects in the Dolomites and looked forward to the first spot for the sunrise at Karersee. A euphoric mood spread and the journey went smoothly. to drive at night anyway at its best. There is hardly any traffic and it affects absolutely calm. but that was a bit on car rental. A beautiful and comfortable 4×4 Roader Skoda. I was still absolutely positively surprised how little fuel as a diesel swallows. We had the whole trip through only once refuel.

but our hope for good weather did not last very long, because the closer we approached South Tyrol, the more it became cloudy and the first drops of rain also fell from the sky already. OK everything is fine, keep calm,. It was just bad weather and if it be just a little rain, it will pass again.

The first shock and the beginning of the blocked roads began in the small village of Birchabruck. The road to the Karersee was closed due to dozens of overturned trees. So we stood there and got out and thought about how we could go up. The roadblock was so easy to get around, the shield blocking only the half of a road. It did not take long, came to another car approached and stopped next to us. Was probably a local and he said to us, you could actually go up, but if we get caught, the police, there is a steep fine. That did not deter him from further ramp up. But for us, it seemed to be a little risky and luck was not exactly on our side. But when entering the village we saw two police officers at the roadside, carried out the checks. So we went back again and asked the two, who had to know it anyway. formulations “How do we get there” and “Which route is not blocked”, we would still use very often. One policeman pulled out to our question right away his cell phone and showed us pictures of the drones devastated Karersee. That was just terrible. Countless toppled trees, Driftwood and debris on the lake. Just a tragic event. one can not go back, no chance… I could make myself understood in any case with the two nice gentlemen in Italian and made clear to you, we have a really long way,, come from Switzerland and if it was not but was a way to get to the Karersee. After a brief small talk of a policeman told us, that there is an alternative route, which was even banned, but more accessible. Even with Directions, but with the emphasis on, that there must not go. But I have understood everything on his face and thanked me.

We drove there 😀 and it took us over the road Gummer. But the closer we got to the lake, the worse the road conditions were. There were branches everywhere, Power lines and partly trees on the road. Dirt and mud everywhere and in that moment we were glad about our off-roader. We reached the parking lot at the lake and it started to drizzle again. We immediately checked our weather apps only to find painful, that the cloud of the sunrise drew upon more intensively. Now we were first there and we needed a few hours sleep. But to the sleep was at least not to think with me. Too much was going through my head and I also began to research on alternative Spots, who were around here.

The dusk was falling, But the clouds were so thick, hardly what to remember. Meanwhile, it was raining pretty heavily, But we went anyway on the way to the lake. Only 2 Minutes away from the parking lot. The footpaths were down virtually all blocked by fallen trees. We had to climb over. The views porch was totally destroyed and no longer accessible. It rains more and more. Nothing can be seen more at Karersee as it was in memory. The mountains in the background were enveloped by clouds and fog, the lake itself, is almost been a brown soup, and again countless uprooted trees. As I learned later, There were well over a million uprooted trees throughout the area.

Awful. I'm a friend of colors, I am constantly looking for the most beautiful lighting effects. But here nothing was colored. Gray in gray far as the eye. Some pictures I had to do anyway, why not. At least for documentary purposes. But honestly: Really feel like I had not. The first spot of a total of 14 Locations planned, had to be written off. The first thought for spring next year were already on.

Back to the car there was first fresh and warming coffee. It is time that we verdufteten from here, because the first salvage machines were already started and we should not really be here. On the way down we were able to see the full extent of the disaster. A terrible sight, all these ancient trees simply dead. The rain did not stop and reached the bottom, we entered again first and were planning your route to the next spot. The Passo Rolle. Approximately 90 Minute drive. We stopped in between times on to look at the beautiful scenery, The autumn colors of the forest still shone through, Despite gray skies and rain on soup. I figured, how beautiful it must look here in sunshine.

The way there was again a little adventure, because even on this route were many blocked roads, partly the road was simply filled with a huge landslide. It just did not go further. The authorities had partly not even the time or detour signs or. set up roadblocks. by Google Maps, we tried to figure out alternative routes and it took almost 3 to arrive hours to the small village of Le Fratte, Well village is probably exaggerated, stood there 2-3 rum houses. The starting point for high-pass. But what is now again? Again, the road was blocked. The pass was blocked! We stayed there for a little while, incredibly somehow. But we did not give up and looked for another alternative route from. Finally, were on the way to pass a few more villages. Since people live, the need to somehow get there because. It is now raining heavily. We drove an unconventional way further up and now it began to snow. The streets compacted through the snow increasing and despite the good car, We did not want to continue, because even the narrow road was no longer visible. So we turned around and landed again at the closed road leads up the Passo Rolle. We had had enough and dealt the sign, in the knowledge of that we might get caught and a steep fine to wear would. But after one kilometer was over. The road was completely covered with fallen trees and mudslides, the even road parts have thrown away. In far distance, we also saw some excavators and workers the flowing under the rain tried with great effort to clean up. 2. Spot: Painted!

What was still on the agenda. Oh I, Santa Maddalena in Val di Funes with the two historic chapels and the wonderful panorama of the Dolomites in the background. But I do not need to mention again that it is pouring with rain. We still looked a bit around and were able to locate both chapels. But the mountain peaks in the background were completely shrouded in clouds. You could see nothing. We again checked the weather apps and according to several sources, it would actually clear up to the sunset. That would be the hammer and the first bright spot of this trip. We decided to doze off for a few hours in the car. The fatigue was spreading himself.

We woke up to late afternoon and although it has stopped raining, but still everything disappeared in a thick fog soup. but we made a few pictures, but only by the St. Johann Chapel, because the other claimed a path and we really wanted us not in this weather now do. In addition, the Geisslergruppe is not even visible in the background. For what so bothered?

Some pictures later, we decided to go somewhere out, drink warm, maybe eat something small. Looking after, led us unconsciously gut feeling a road to the top, Richtung Würzjoch (Würzjoch). That was actually an additional spot which was planned for the next day, but improvisation was the motto of this trip. And indeed, behold, the fog slowly dissolved, the colors were felt and especially the road was exceptionally not locked. We drove quickly up to nothing to miss possible and finally grew our hope of, but to capture some nice colors. We put the car on the large gravel parking lot, and ran up the hill to get a good view of the Peitlerkofel to snatch. The clouds came and went in an unpredictable speed. But again and again the sun stained the environment and we photographed by, from the Golden up to the blue hour and were able to capture some really fantastic lighting effects. The sky was more or less clear and the first stars were twinkling already on. but we went yet in the nearby mountain restaurant with the unusual name Ütia de Börz. Very friendly staff and a fine and hot food had to be. Penne Diavola and what ne huge portion for the incredible price of 11 Euro.

An hour later we were out again on the hill and our plan was, to photograph the mountain and the countryside with a beautiful starry sky. But succeeded only with great difficulty, because… yes unrated template, because the “beloved” Clouds were already on the march again and the whole improvised planning into disarray threw. When it completely sealed, the first raindrops were felt and the weather forecast had rejected the status of Clear sky for rain, We broke down the action.

Back to the car, we thought about what we do next. The plan was actually Seceda, but it was definitely blocked due to avalanche danger. I knew already the morning after the Karersee. We could now go to the Alpe di Siusi (Seismer Alm). Although was not until tomorrow or. The day after tomorrow planned. But we had now first take what was possible and, according to Meteo, it would then be clear and as far as I could see the, no road was blocked. So we went in early night again and complete it needed only 40 minutes. Everything seemed to be good and and it also cleared really slow again. A few individual stars could be seen. For the pass road itself, you have to buy at the point of sale authorization. Of course, it was too at this time and a vending machine there was not, to eventually buy a ticket. But an information board made to our attention that from 21 – 9 Pm Access is free. This pleased us and we drove the remaining 10 along minutes up the road and always beautiful. But it was too dark to find a suitable spot to find to photograph the classic view of the pasture with the two striking peaks.

But we had an off-roader and some “Strassen” took us to high hills. Actually, were the paths for tractors, but what made the car was amazing and so we were at a point where probably almost no one was and the car.

The Orion positioned perfectly over the mountain range and was covered again and again by passing cloud fields. But we were able to realize some nice shots, before then finally was thick in the sky. There, that's it again, we drove down and resist us have noticed a place, we were able to integrate for the sunrise. We again slept a few hours and woke up in a hazy, tristen, gray mist soup. The Alm itself was partially covered with snow and some with mud. Not a pretty sight. But we still tried to make the best.

And we needed to ensure, that we by no later than 9 Watch are down again, we knew how strict the checks are not. below arrived, We first drove to Kastelruth to provide us with food and coffee to stock and we changed the plan fundamentally. Nearby there was a particular place with the earth pyramids. A small miracle of nature, that might make a good subject in dense fog. The route took us from Castelrotto to Lengmoos while we needed an hour's drive. It was raining now back all the time. But we pulled through it and tried to make something good of it.

The path to the earth pyramids are well signposted and a tour led us to the point, where the traveling road went down to the structures themselves. But how can it be otherwise. It was locked. Landslides from heavy rain and the storm days earlier. Ok, then run back just once and all the pictures from a distance. Although we were voted always positive and joked continuously, but we were inwardly somewhat worn down. We checked intensively for other spots that were not locked, but as far as currently was not available and the weather was an absolute disaster. We were short break before and easy to drive back home, but one thing we wanted to try. Die Tre Cime di Laveredo. We just had to visit.

From Lengmoss out by then it should be good 2 hours. Here, we led the way over the Passo Gardena. A really beautiful area, who could but do not show in all its glory. The summits were all enveloped in thick patches of fog and bad to everything caught it even to snow. The first “locking plates” pointed out, that the great evil is in store. And indeed, reached the top of the pass,, the whole road was blocked due to heavy snowfall. What now? We need to get to the other side somehow. The only way to the Three Peaks only led around the mountain. This means once again for us more 3 Hour drive. We did this, really now as the last possible option at least something to save in this tour. So totally exhausted we went to gaaaanzen way around, it rained again later and that every now and then torrential. Moreover with a lot of traffic on the road. But we approached the Tre Cime area. When I was here last time, we could see the mountains in beautiful weather, the joy was immense. But this time was nothing to see. Only rain, Clouds and windshield wipers. On the way up we were diverted several times. Many roads were closed due to landslides. We already suspected what it came down. Again, dozens of detours and improvisations. But at last we arrived at Lake Antorno, only a small piece to the barrier and then high! But the barrier was closed. landslides… Now the journey was finally over. It really made to go ahead no sense. The crowning symbol was a couple who shocked sitting in the car… with license plates from Spain.

It reminded me strongly of the famous law of Murphy, Walking on partly philosophical and partly on physical probability calculations, about possible sources of error in complex systems:

“Anything can go wrong what, will go wrong”

Of course I will not give up, because, unfortunately, so a storm can not be planned.

spring… i miss u 😉

Love & Peace