Saxon-Switzerland-saxony-germany-bastion bridge

We were again traveling in the wonderful autumn time with all the dream colors and the low sun. Since we absolutely wanted to meet a nice person again, we opted clearly for the Saxon Switzerland directly on the Czech border. And we had such a lot of fun! But before we went to the "Lord often he ring" bridge ...

We drove off in the late evening, because there are 8 Hour drive and overnight it rides better. It is a delusion to think that the highway in the dark is dangerous. On the contrary, the streets were almost empty and you could save yourself the übermüdende focusing on hooligans and speedster. A leisurely drive in front of us ... Apparently. Something must be always join us around the adrenalin uphold. This time, in the form of a metallic noise at the front left wheel. I immediately slowed down a little and the sound effects caused me a feeling, like fingernails on a blackboard. It was a unique grinding of ferrous iron. One need not be an auto mechanic to notice what's going on grade. So it was now conserve brakes, drive slowly and work with the clutch to slow down. So we wiles on the right track, slowly behind the trucks behind and out of the nearly 8 Hours were good 10 hours drive. Just before the finish, overwhelmed me an immense fatigue. Although I did not have as mentioned focus on other cars me, for it but to the newly added noise and robbed me strength. I was very glad that I have enough time to spare, because we are despite delay, arrived on time and we were able to enjoy an hour of sleep we even, before then broke the dawn. The Rakotzbrücke was our first goal, actually almost a side trip as it was on the way. A most beautiful building that is a listed building and is surrounded by the wonderful Rhododendron Park and the mirror-smooth water. The large parking lot is located 5 Minutes walk away from the bridge and 2 Euro Park fee 2 hours, worth for us Swiss, of course, not the speech. so we went at hand and it was really cold. Partly intensified the cold, of course, because of our fatigue, but also because a high humidity in the air was. When start running it dawned already slowly but surely and we could now see in the dim morning light, that the trees look very autumnal. Flashy red colors in symbiosis with orange and yellow hues. Perfectly and soon we can implement some photographic ideas.

But the joy did not last long as a huge sign on the verge warned. I had a premonition, so I just ignored the sign.. No I do not read you, you can make me times 😀

But it has used all nothing. The sight was awful!

The water was pumped out and instead was simply a huge mud hole, everywhere were building materials rum, the entire area was fenced, Even on the bridge itself a few frameworks were isolated and installed every few meters you have set up information signs to make it clear to the bewildered visitors is something going on here: You are here NOT Welcome!

Nonsense ... there are restoration works underway to earliest 2020, more likely later. Well what can I say now, since we were now and we are incredibly positive people, we also laughed, what do you want do otherwise. We looked still a little to, if there is somewhere still some perspective, which could allow some detail shots, but no chance. We ran back to the car and looked for the nearest gas station on, which was located just a few minutes away. We needed something for breakfast, before it went.

So, the next goal was to Basteibrücke in the Saxon Switzerland. Very carefully we drove ca. 90 Minutes by car to the parking lot leads to the bastion almost all the way up. There we were again surprised by two park rangers, who cordoned off the square. Everything full, no more space. Is somehow logically Saturday morning to 10 PM, during the holiday season, in the bright autumn weather. We need another piece go down for the first car park and then walk up or shuttle bus for 1.50 take euro. Running was out of the question with our excess power and were grateful for the bus. But first we had what little food and again a little sleep, until then a few hours later, the love Aline eintrudelte and we went together by bus to the top.

The or away from the bus station. the upper parking lot until the bastion are only 10 Minutes walk and easy to handle. On the way there is of course a snack stand, Restaurants, found hotels and other restaurants and we first splurged a currywurst, before then after a short march the Basteibrücke reached.

Although it has always been very many tourists, especially middle of the day. But this time it was quite crowded and our task for the next few hours was simply to an appropriate spot for the sunset to find. I already knew what but I did not where he was. Aline was very helpful in this case, since you've been a little knew the area. Wen you look from the bridge from the north. Over the gorge away, you can see some sandstone towers that rise above the treetops. With the telephoto zoom I've been watching and I could actually make the observation decks locate. For this you just have to get back to the parking lot and from there take the forest path of gifted us with a leisurely 15-minute walk through the beautiful forest. The first viewpoint is still relatively well attended, Although no crowds, but there are still a few hikers because, and photographer. For the second vantage point it just runs a little further and this prospect is bombastic, exactly where I want and since we were now and were overwhelmed.

Our eyes scanned the landscape, and countless ideas arose in us. Elena and Aline wanted each other to make a few portraits and I had then, until 2-3 other hikers, the whole place for me. The light was still a little too bright and I used the time for it to explore the details, To test perspectives and motives. There are infinitely many of them, and the light was now more exciting. The two girls then noticed that too pretty soon and we positioned at various locations and let the cameras run hot.

The Blue Hour broke relatively quickly in and after we had captured this mood lighting, we started slowly on the way back. A really wonderful place and we were more than satisfied with the results. arrived back at the parking lot, we realized that virtually all people have disappeared. The mainstream tourism disappears pretty sure then, when the most beautiful light discloses. So we decided again to take the bus down and then up again to drive the car and park right next to the Bastion. After all, we would stay here in the car, as close to the spots for the sunrise.

The night was finally here and above us the first bright stars. Unfortunately, the place is not optimal for the Star Photography. Over the horizon is already quite a lot of light pollution of the cities. But maybe we're just spoiled from Switzerland. Anyway, I have a few ideas in mind which wants I put on the Basteibrücke. But before we went to the panorama restaurant of the Bastion and have pampered with a fantastic food. Elena and Aline very style-conscious with a delicious turkey breast topped with melted cheese and mushrooms and I ... pork medallion to be more specific with tons of vegetables to the balance to produce healthy Schweeein again 😀

In the early first half of the night we then found ourselves again on the Basteibrücke and I then tried a few ideas to implement, who is absolutely worth it in my opinion. In between, I have a few other photographers, the randomly were there, out helped with the camera settings and a few nice conversations. Meanwhile, the wind still joined to us and as it then also almost the tripods around the ears blew us, we decided to walk back to the car and to end the many impressions. All recordings were in the box and tired but happy, We put our alarm clock and spent a more or less quiet night.

a 5 In the morning we were again on the legs to photograph the sunrise. We decided again to the same place to visit as the night before, because the sun rises in the east and the light will put a very different mood brought. We hoped that a few very fog could bring down the valley a little momentum into the picture, but the night was too hot and in fact there was not a bit fog. You need to be lucky and some times to visit this place. Unfortunately we had to stay longer because time, but the twilight still promised a dreamlike mood lighting. Once there, the Orion constellation beamed at me directly via the bastion and this time we were also the only spot ... for the first time. The wind was still very strong and on his way through the forest are some thick branches fell down overnight. It was not without its dangers. But when the sun came up and we have already made countless pictures, the wind lay down again.

I could stay for weeks at this location, There is so much to see, but we have had a rigorous travel schedule and the initial disappointment at the Rakotzbrücke after all these countless photos, now forgotten.

Since we wanted to conserve my car a little, We left it in the parking lot and loaded our things into the car by Aline, because now we were on the way to leaving the country. Where it has driven us, learn your next blog post in a few days.

Love & Peace