I show you here a selection of my Nightscape images and offer them also the same as prints on. The images are canvas or dibond in each 3 various sizes available. For special requests concerning material and size, You can contact me happy here to contact.

We belong the Sky

The bow of our home galaxy with the striking Schrattenfluh.

Peace of Mind

The frozen Seealpsee with the summer Milky Way.

Hold On

Pilatus and Lucerne by fog at a crystal clear and cold winter night.

Starry Crocus

The crocuses in Emmental during their very short flowering period.

Dear Universe

The wonderful Sustenpass by night in all its wildness.

The Power

Magic Sustenpass at night and one of his numerous waterfalls.

Ocean Dreams

Milky Way over the sea off the coast of Spain.

Mesmerizing Sphere

The stairs on the beach in Spain with a view of the Milky Way.

Liquid Milk

The symbiosis between the water and the stars.

Imagination Mars

Milky Way on the Pilate, with the Alps and the Dragon Mountain.

Swiss Canyon

Milky the largest canyon in Switzerland, dem Creux du Van.

Children's Dream

The Milky Way arc over the Lavenderfelder Valensol.

Light Bridge

Night winter sky over the Landwasser viaduct.

Inside Your Soul

Airglow and Milky Way above the Tannensee on Melchsee-Frutt.

Love Garden

Milky Way over the lavender fields of Valensole in France

Stars in your Eyes

Stern mirror on the Tannensee in Switzerland.

Reaching the Stars

A wonderful night on the Glaubenberg in Switzerland.

The Encounter

Beautiful night on the Gurnigel in Switzerland.

Starry Rainbow

Milky Way on the Niederhorn in Switzerland.

Beyond the Horizon

Milky Way over the Atlantic Ocean on the Algarve coast.

Gateway to Infinity

Milky Way over the Atlantic Ocean on the Algarve coast.

Between Two Worlds

Milky Way over the mountains of Sonabia in Spain.

Dreams & Visions

The Milky Way above the marshland on the Glaubenberg.