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I will occasionally offer always a few free e-books for you to download. I hope I can be you help in this way and I would be naturally pleased about a feedback!

lesson: Fokus-Stacking

to get an extremely useful and powerful technique to a focus on your whole landscape and through and through to the horizon. In this e-book I tell you exactly how you stapelst your previously focused shots in Photoshop.

The Colors of Autumn

Autumn is truly a colorful poem and this is true not only for the salvation, but even more so in a photographic sense. Everything shines in bright colors, Rot, Braun, yellow, Orange.. a real feast for landscape photography. But as I photograph the most?

picture composition

picture composition

What landscape photographer does not know? A wonderful scenery, perhaps somewhere in the mountains, the gentle wind can be heard, you can smell the fragrance of blooming crocus and puts himself in a euphoric mood. The camera is equal unpacked hold to that feeling. In this e-book I will teach you a few essential rules.

30 Landscape photography tips

Sometimes in my workshops I notice, that a certain basis on the subject of landscape photography is missing. Does not matter, since you will learn everything important from me anyway. Still I have one for you
E-book created with the most important points, to watch out for. The e-book is aimed particularly at the beginners among you.