As some know I love the sea very. For me it is the earthly equivalent to the stars. I'm sort of a real salt water rat. Yes exactly, salt water… I do not like to bathe in the lake or in a swimming pool. That must surely be due to my Italian roots. In any case, I needed with my sweetheart times really beautiful beach holidays. sizzle in the sun, every now and then jump into the wet and cool “The sweet life” enjoy… Without pictures… Well simply without it is not 😛

We have a really nice cozy little hotel in Sirolo selected named “The Garolina Conero“. Marco the owner welcomed us immediately friendly and told us a lot about the hotel, the beaches and all the little secret places which are worth to visit each. The hotel was under renovation during our visit, However, we noticed anything about it. Everything was clean and quiet. A nuere look was needed, according to hotel owner, it was currently only 3 room available. Each individual or with its own theme. Name:
The Strawberry Tree, The Ballero und The Gasparetto. We had opted for the latter and when he showed us the room, We were very pleasantly surprised. Total nicely decorated with a lavender scent throughout the room. Everything was perfectly arranged and decorated and best I found the small refrigerator with various drinks he refilled daily for us. You could tell immediately how much darinsteckte lifeblood, because Marco has built everything ourselves, bricked, timbered and in the upper floors of new areas created just to whom he is working for the summer season. The Mediterranean style is fully seen here and we felt immediately at home!

We settled first. After the six-hour drive, we wanted to take everything easy, although we could not wait to traipse to the sea. And we did the next 5 days. Our program simply consisted of: sunbathing, swim, Essen… That’s it. Yes we desperately needed after a somewhat strict time. In between there were also times a hike to Monte Conero, the mountain next to the sea. One must here but his words. Hikes in this heat are not recommended 😛

Even a few trips to the neighboring town of Numana we have always taken time again. Everything is there known to us, as we before 2 Years had been to Numana and we knew there meanwhile already really good.

First and foremost, it's done in this blog but did not describe it as we lying around lazily on the beach 😀 but I will tell you how you get there at this one spot in the bay and what was made for Local.

Italian brand area and beyond is this bay of Two Sisters (Two sisters) quite well known. Not only because it is a small paradise, this is not readily achievable, but because there also (partially) an old expression, including rails exist. In addition, there is now also a nature reserve or. a refuge for the many seagulls and Albatrose. The mine is accessible from the main bay on foot. However, here you have to be very careful, because you have to climb the big sister and down to climb back to the ridge of the second smaller sister first time. I know sounds perverse but you know my already as I. Then only down to much smaller bay where you can then also see the crumbling ruins of the mine entrance and the aforementioned rails. With careful I meant that you can slip on the sometimes slippery rocks and can lead to massive injuries to the rugged rock. The two “sisters” see relatively small from the pictures, But it is not, and excellent slip resistance is needed and appropriate shoes. This little adventure I have not ventured on this trip, because I did not have the appropriate footwear there and it was still pretty tired to. I did not think that lounging can be so exhausting 😛

What also fascinated me the little stories and myths that tell the locals around the place. Some of them are really true. For example, the beginning of it 19. gave century along the bay a few smaller cave systems, where the dealer slaves “stored” have and sometimes it was just before they were not picked up and died there miserably. really brutal. Another story is that on one of the rocks in 17. Century galleon has fallen after a storm, with a good deal of valuable goods such as silk, Gold and precious stones. The ship will still be there and so far the treasure was apparently not yet recovered. has actually seen a third stunted rock right next to that drawn by the crash affected and from the original three sisters were then only two.

But enough scary stories.

There is a ship at the port of Numana that ca. 50 Tourists morning brings at once there and they all get off and then tümmeln all day long in a confined space until then there will be picked. At night you can here “officially” not stay. But just as in Italy just usual, if you have established a few good connection then there are ways. One of them is called Francesco, and operates “I Like Me Joy's Boat” for tourists. With a wonderfully nostalgic ship he leads tourists to the bay and also to many other places. The boat itself, there is not much to say, except that it is gorgeous. It originally was almost a case for the garbage dump. But through years of renovation work, he has made it a true gem again. Francesco was ready to take us in the evening to the bay and pick us up again the next morning. But his words: “Not until we took a nice trip along the coast”… and a little white wine and really tasty and homemade bread and self-harvested mussels have tried.

At first it seemed as if the planned trip fall into the water and that literally. A dark storm cloud passed over the horizon and the sea was also significantly wilder. With this strong waves, he could not possibly create on the Bay. So we waited just outside just before the bay to the sea calmed down a bit and then quickly take advantage of the opportunity to drive in the bay, just to put on and to hop immediately with all our equipment down into the shallow water and finally get to the shore. I had the ship a little push and shove to get it out of the sand to free and he could turn back. Was easier than we thought.

And now we were here and we were not disappointed.

It was the evening just before sunset, not a single human soul and the whole beach to ourselves. jumped just a dream and now we are into the water, even though it was quite cold already and the waves still raced with quite a bit of weight over the shore and the rocks. Then we began immediately to explore the area and of course also made some shots of Eli. As the light began to get better and the clouds were turning I can shoot some good prospects. Also for the Blue Hour a couple of great things have emerged. On the subject of the Milky Way nor what was said: The center is not really visible from this point. Only the central part of the Milky Way arc. The photos here are not so real as locally but I have reingesteckt my own interpretation of feelings spot.

The night then also broke sometime in and we snuggled into our sleeping bags in and slept peacefully.

The next morning we photographed still the sunrise and Eli was also ready again with your outfit (s), before angetuckert again by boat came to pick us up and bring back to the port of Numana again Francesco. The price is 70 Euro per person and for the whole service it pays extremely. The small paradise to be visited necessarily times and then also read aloud as you found it.

Love & Peace