Sometimes I have the feeling that all the clouds in Switzerland are formed in Rosenlaui. Quasi a cloud factory. For years I have been visiting this place more or less regularly and every time it rained from buckets, thick fog hung around the mountains and blocked any view or I sank knee-deep in the snow. It was the same this time. But it turned out differently…

According to the weather report, the rain should, who has been since 3 Days “rages”, On this planned visit day, finally stop around noon and guarantee a slow but safe transition to ever more clearing skies. These are usually good prospects for a colorful and dramatic spectacle for the sunset. Nevertheless we were already against 13 Clock on site to inspect the area a little and to scout a few potential spots. But, as expected, it was extremely cloudy and the fog was sometimes thicker, that the mountains could no longer be seen. The rain was omnipresent too, but stopped occasionally at irregular intervals. I took advantage of the dry phases in between to create a few time-lapse videos and to find some perspectives. If it ever cleared up, I would be ready… so my thought. But hours passed and I had the feeling that it was only getting worse.

We wandered through rain-soaked pastures, climbed over branches and tree trunks in the dense forests and crossed smaller rivers and streams and discovered so many beautiful places that I could find any 2 Meter only wanted to take photos. But it was raining so hard at times, that my cameras got soaked. Fortunately, my Olympus and Canon cameras withstood this wet attack.
Finally we landed at the entrance of the glacier gorge. We paid for the ticket (8 CHF per adult) and also ran this exciting way up. The tour is completed quickly and at the end you found yourself on a higher plateau that again offered countless photographic highlights. We stayed there for a few more hours and then started on our way back. It seemed like it wouldn't stop raining and the clouds were so thick, that hope was already fading a bit. Back to the car, we packed everything up again and drove a little bit back to the bridge with the famous view. When you go up to Rosenlaui, you pass there automatically. It cannot be missed. We walked briefly to the bridge to take in the last clouds. As proof of myself, that the Rosenlaui is the origin of all clouds.

But lo and behold… it stopped raining and I set up the cameras again for a few short timelapse sequences. And while I was doing that, The clouds loosened up more and more. Just in time for sunset, colors appeared in the sky. A little hesitant, but we stayed patient and waited. By the way, you should always do that. Be patient, wait, observe, feel… and we were rewarded! After 3 Years Rosenlaui finally a color in the sky.

I will take the following days, To travel to this wonderful place often and photograph the spots that have been discovered… hopefully without rain and clouds 🙂

Love & Peace