Pilatus, Switzerland

The vernissage is finally over and the experiences that could make me so, were all very valuable and therefore definitely helpful for a next vernissage, which is definitely. But it's not about me here today, but rather about my 3 main sponsors: Printolino, thank Hall Digital and calendar printing for all the trust and support ...


When I was looking for a print shop for my pictures several years ago, this task proved more difficult than initially thought. Several options I tried out and never was the result to 100% satisfying. Either the colors were not exactly like me on the screen or the quality of the material left to be desired. In the meantime I also read all the rest, until I came by accident Printolino. It was even in Lucerne and so I ventured this, probably last attempt. Once there received me a small but highly professional in my eyes and friendly printing. The conversation with the CEO Werner Mueller was very promising and we noticed immediately that the Lord had a lot of expertise and put a trusting sense of my idea of ​​the day. I immediately issued an order, depends on a very specific image that even at a friendly lady on the wall.

I was there after 2 pick up day. Before I could see it at all, Werner told me that he has easily sharpened the stars. I was pretty amazed, because it just confirmed to me that Printolino each image carefully checked and, if necessary, makes minor corrections, to enhance the pressure on an incredible perfection.

And indeed.... it surpassed by far my expectations. It is almost unbelievable how high the quality in color, Sharpness and material. I have after some tests with other vendors, Never a pressure get exactly as I have at home edited it done on the screen. And that was my main criterion.

Add to this the very friendly team and the pick option, I love to take to complete, not just a little chocolate to bring over, but to start some interesting discussions again and again. Meanwhile, this address has been established as the first choice for my pictures and look forward to further cooperation and a lot of chocolate for the team 😀

So my recommendation for those who want to own print images is quite clear Printolino! Visited on their website or on the spot and let you convince yourself.


I kept hearing it, but have never dealt me ​​too intensively with the company. When I was at the Photokina in Cologne last year, but I attended course his stand and was done primarily by very your photo books. An incredibly strong quality, both in terms of the photographic paper, and the print quality in every level. Not to mention the overall impression of the book in a sophisticated cover as e.g.. in high quality padded leather design. I had to do this at once before a photo book and that was also the best opportunity to order such a book in this opening and .. to check all my pictures. I was not disappointed and it far exceeded my expectations.

A really great work was created with the support of room-to-digital and the book was at the opening truly an eye-catcher, by many people could daily thrilled and could incur some orders for screens and aluminum Dibonds consequently.

Year-digital for download offers a high-quality, easy-to-use software, with can easily customize play also make your own photo books. Look necessarily visit you.

Calendar Print

Long I was looking for a suitable provider for my calendar and was never really satisfied. Until I came Calendar Print and so I also tried there a few test prints. When I unpacked the calendar I was absolutely amazed at what top quality worked.

I knew immediately that this is my Calendar Company. For the opening of this year, I also asked this company for a sponsorship for some calendar I want to show in the exhibition and it has huge looking forward, that you had agreed with me immediately, also with the content that you can remember very well my last annual orders, because they were among the best pictures, who were allowed to print them so far.

The calendar can be easily created through your website online and directly ordered. So who wants to print their own calendars, can I Calendar Print Laying recommended;.

Orders can, incidentally, are still being made. Simply on the picture click below

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