From Passo Falzarego from it is actually just a stone's throw to the large gravel parking lot of the Cinque Torri cableway station. Around this time, there are indeed the opportunity to snag a parking space before it all filled with cars. Before we discussed the way forward, we went to the ticket office and informed us about the travel times. As usual, it is here again so, that the last train moving around 17 AM shuts down. Of course, this makes no sunset or even a couple of night photos. Now it can again get the opportunity to run up. But we decided to go naturally high and if a room would be available at Rifugio Scoiattoli, we would take that and stay right up. But in the season there is little chance and of course everything was already occupied. But not at all clouded our mood, because at the sight of the Cinque Torri's jaw dropped us down practically. The majestic appearance of the mountains could not be put into words, and even the view from the terrace Rifugio was hard to beat. Just a sight which einbrennte in the soul. Before we made our way, first had a little something to strengthen in the restaurant ago, because the area is very vast and gigantic.

We explored the many small paths which gives led to the Cinque Torri around and my eyes were bright because of the myriad perspectives and motives to photograph it. So many ideas flashed through my head and as I took a few snapshots in bright daylight again, We also ran some built in stone barracks by soldiers with dolls. There are exhibition exhibits belonging to the Military Museum to commemorate the Abyssinian War of yesteryear. Very interesting all. We continued to run at the foot of the mountains along and back to the Rifugio and watched every now and then the crazy climbers the high and steep mountain walls high Clambering. Really very impressive but really nothing for me. I was dizzy, it only has the look. Back to Rifugio we needed something to eat. It was by now lunch time and it was pretty intense activity in the restaurant. We had to somehow bridge the time until the evening sunbathing, essen, Sleep 😛 and since there were quite a few opportunities to rest. For example, under the terrace of Rifugio there was a large advantage with mattresses to lie down, just perfect to doze something. And we had sorely needed.

In the evening we made our to start back into the field with the recordings and enjoy the golden light mood on the way. A few clouds formed and promised hopefully beautiful coloring the sky. I visited all the little spots that I had hours before been identified and photographed through to dawn and to the blue hour.

Then we strengthened ourselves again with a few snacks from the Rifugio and there no longer a chairlift went down, had to run it.

The way down is absolutely easy to follow. simply follow always the pillars of the chairlift in a zig zag course down. equipped with head lamps and good walking shoes, should be the no problem. But expects a good hour to get to the bottom and are you aware that the way is really very steep part and hiking poles are here very beneficial to not constantly slipping on the gravel floor.

At the bottom we wanted a shower and a real bed, but in high season there in the Dolomites to get a free room little chance. but we knew that and we had at least a few liters of water to make the trunk to us at least a little clean. It was even still warm, heated by the sun popping daytime. Better is it not today. We drove a few minutes back up to Passo Falzarego and even took some pictures of the Milky Way and then it was car seats fold down and catch up on some much needed sleep from. The Milky Way Photos I then with the Timeblending Technology in the Cinque Torri integrated recordings.

The next morning we woke up the sun and it promised to be a beautiful day. But we had no coffee more and we desperately needed coffee! We had no choice but to Cortina d'Ampezzo drive to strengthen us there. Half an hour drive is absolutely feasible and it would also be worthwhile. We bought croissants, other sweet pastries and 5-6 Kaffee To-Go. but we did not stay long in Cortina, because the streets were filled slowly but surely more and more with tourists and locals. We wanted therefore also possible to get out of the area to the next spot… Where it went? That you can learn in the next blog post. Until then…

Love & Peace