It was one of those hot days and the heat wave, Switzerland had a firm grip and temperatures of over 35 Degree prompted us to bring some cooling in the mountains. More specifically, we reveled in our thoughts towards the Dolomites and what we did…

We drove around noon going on around in time for the sunset at our first spot to arrive, der Karersee. The last time I was there, we were surprised by a natural disaster. You can do it in my other blog Post read. But this time we were confident and the weather was on our side. The ride was smooth and the air cooling in the car was running at full speed, because outside glowed an incredible scorcher. In the passage through the Inn valley plus blew an extreme Föhnwind the heated up the air in addition and you got the feeling as if the oxygen next time up in flames. But soon we were at the Brenner Pass and we were hoping for a small drop in temperature at higher altitudes. After all, a few degrees less were felt but there were still felt 30 Degrees in the air. Finally bothered us not because soon we reached our goal and we were looking forward immensely to. In the small town of Ponte Nova suddenly the memories of last November came up, as all the roads were blocked for Karersee and we durchschlängelten us with a small hint of the local police uncomfortable roads. This time everything was open and only a few residual damage could be seen, Of course apart from the vast areas where the coniferous forest simply was no longer available.
At Karersee there is a large gravel parking lot is also quite frequented in high season. Fortunately, many parking lots are in the late afternoon already empty. The path from the parking lot to the lake is not worth the talk and we were very surprised at how few people were on site. This suited us extremely well, of course, and we took first time to the nearby restaurant Karersee something to eat. but to satisfy schnitzel and fries after all, at a reasonable price and it served the purpose of our growling stomachs.

Now we were ready and ran down to the lake and immediately we started to make the first snapshots. But then professional, always on the lookout for good prospects, although the Karersee is predestined with the incredible mountain scenery in the background for it to make panoramic photos. Some cool foregrounds I could find. Funnily enough, only a few meters next to me was a photo tour group from China, constantly watching me, including the tour guide. As soon as I walked a few yards to the right to try for another motive, all ran quickly to my previous spot and took me to 😀 I felt persecuted and observed haha

What I did not find so good was this and I watched constantly our trip: People do not follow the rules apply suburb. It is all very clear that you're not allowed to climb over the fence to go directly down to the shore. Yet there have always been some of the these rules flouted in the hope to get better pictures. Left a young woman sat by me in Insta style with poncho and hat on the rocks and her male companion snapped from above. To my right, more tourists while reading the multilingual shield and as if it were nothing important, still have overcome the fence. What a lack of respect.

But there was also an enjoyable conversation with a local photographer and we talked at length about the Karersee and photography in general. He raved about it very much, it was nicer here before the storm. Because of photographic point of view, there was a big problem. The forests in the east and west have almost completely shielded the wind, whereby the lake and was almost always as smooth as glass and the mountains mirrored in a fantastic way in the lake. Well, these trees are now gone and in fact the water was quite restless.

We did definitely the best of it, and finally the time passed and the Blue hour was falling and with it disappeared the whole tourist. We ran again up to a better view to catch the whole scene and finally to collect a few good leading reasons for the Milky Way.

Until the Milky Way but it takes so anything we went again back to the car and were looking forward to the coffee and some rest. Later that night I packed only the most necessary to me again, ran to the lookout and photographed a little the beautiful starry sky before we continue the journey.

Love & Peace