The last time we were in 2 Years at the castle and our visit was limited almost exclusively inside the castle. But this time we took time for the outdoor areas and the classic views.

Because I really wanted to visit the souvenir shop in the castle, We drove from Cologne almost 3 Hours earlier before closing the shop. That was a wise decision, because shortly after the motorway exit, a terrible Blechlawine accumulated. Some have stopped and went over an hour so, before we left Cologne finally behind us. Friday afternoon it takes on German roads probably nerves of steel. When the dam broke up slowly, we still had an hour drive ahead of us and I took advantage of the unlimited speed limit and audible. The time was really tight and when we had the exit, we had about 20 Continue minutes on the highway and a few tiny villages happen until we finally reached the car park of the castle. The day ticket costs 2 Euro and is not worth mentioning and fortunately the parking lot was already pretty empty. Most visitors stay here during the day and late afternoon or against. Evening the crowds disappear more or less completely. A glance at the clock showed me 16:45 pM and, we can do it. The shop only closes in 45 Minutes and the comfortable and easy path through the woods takes only 15 Minutes path in claim, can catch up to the first glimpse of the hidden castle. Who does not want so steep uphill climb, should take back this way again later. He is relatively harmless. you go at the end of the parking lot along the road, it gets really steep. Especially, if you want to walk up there again. Alternatively, driving on this track which is also a shuttle bus. For the dream path along the Eltz castle panorama but you should something solid lace up your walking shoes. Here wait ca. 13 km trail.

That we have done but not this time because right after the scheduled Photos, it goes back home with 5 Hour drive.

Well what can I say now, at least since Instagram is the castle (like so many other spots) become a veritable tourist attraction. There were quite a few people there and they all stood on the bridge or at the gate or… everywhere! With your Selfiesticks and with broken English tourist asked other tourists if you could do with the phone a photo of the entire family and vice versa.. crazy actually.

But that was my first time no matter, because 1. could photograph it now anyway, because it would otherwise be employed in Photoshop for hours in order to touch people away 2. The light was still far from good, it was still daylight and the sun virtually all enveloped in a bright light and 3. Yes exactly, I wanted in the shop, because I know that in Swords, Axes, crossbows, Daggers and many other replicas are offered for sale. I like this medieval flair and I'm always a big fan of Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones und Co. I want a sword 😀

And not just a just a normal sword, No, It is a fat Handed, eine Claymore! And when I held it in his hand and a couple of times trying to swing in narrow space, I just knew: I want that!

First again out of here, because the love people from the castle would also like to call it a day, and in fact, the streets and the bridge emptied slowly but surely. Every minute whole groups of tourists were picked up by shuttle bus. The wind is blowing now already really strong and the first thunder noises can be heard even in the distance. A threatening cloud builds up over the valley and the first raindrops bounce on the warm floor.

Under a small ledge, we sought shelter, more bad than right, But the cool wetness was doing really well. After only a few minutes, the rain was already over and the wind also blew us already much colder around the ears.

But after a thunderstorm, the lighting effect is quite especially beautiful at a sunset, we knew and positioned ourselves gradually and inspected a couple of good prospects, while Eli was dressing the beautiful dress. Of course I could not help but some beautiful portraits of your to make.

It sparkles and glitters so beautiful * _ * I do not mean the sword.. Even though..

there was no one by now, only occasionally a few strays, and of course, some photographers. Among other things, two from Switzerland. We talked for a little while, the light mood constantly changing and therefore an incredible number of photos could be realized.

As then broke the blue hour, we made the last couple of shots for the Galaxy later and then it was high time to break up slowly. Eli it was getting really cold and the journey ahead will be a long time.

Next time we will take the steep, long way for us to then photograph the other wonderful prospects.

Love & Peace