Hello,my name is

Fabio Cruel

Actually, I originally wanted something “About me” tell. But what should I say? I like you even a carbon-based creatures, succumbs to the sober consideration of entropy and decay and finally the sheath is left inanimate, one… we leave the, otherwise it could be a philosophy hour.

So I will briefly explain what the point for me is, at what I do. And, I photograph and indeed with unbridled passion. Has always interested me astronomy, the universe and all that is contained therein. I always looked up at night, the best memories burned into my soul and always this feeling of wanderlust… or at least homesick? Incredibly difficult to define, but it pulls me under the spell. The rest, the one about coming under a dark night sky illuminated by thousands of stars is impossible to put into words. The desire these moments somehow “materialistic” hold, kept growing and by a series of random events, I was on technical aids introduced to these photons forever photographically consolidate. The first hurdles were very rocky and from across many different reasons, I was about to give up. But why? It was never a competition or something similar for me, but a meditative task to focus on the details and profound self-talk in the dark of the night, alone and philosophizing, add the. In fact, this is the answer to many… patience! With this realization, everything went by itself and always relaxed, I picked it up on the matter, Been to the initial success also seen. After that it had happened to me and I stuck me with the, the awesome in astrophotographic scene as “Astrovirus” referred to as.

By astronomy and the infinite thoughts I designed every night, I saw a lot clearer and a lot looser and I also started our wonderful blue planet (again) to discover and streune today to wonderful places to also perpetuate this, from the perspective as I see it.

Well, something little about me, that is what I have written, but perhaps there is one or the other individual in my words again and can understand how wonderful our planet is and how great our responsibility to Mother Nature. At the same time one we are aware of how small and insignificant in the cosmos, yet unique and great, each one of us…. in this sense…

Love & Peace